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Is anyone going to Pax Aus? Im flying in Thursday alone and i hate drinking by myself so i am considering half assedly organising some drinks Thursday night. I was wondering if anyone would be interested?

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Sadly, no - I'm waiting it out this year to see if it's any good (which I realise is counterproductive, as that mentality is what leads to things not succeeding). I just don't have the $$$ at the moment, especially as I've only got $200 saved for next gen systems thus far.

Hopefully other GBers end up there - I wouldn't be surprised.

That said, I think you'll find more traction for a topic like this closer to the event - what is it, 73 days or so to go?

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I'm assuming that's PAX Australia.

Pax Aus sound like some ancient tome one would use to wake the Elder Gods or something.

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Yup, I've got a ticket for Sunday. Should be sweet - I'll be rockin' one of my GB shirts.