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Hey guys, just a quick question to any knowledgeable people here.

I have a Saitek cyborg keyboard and a couple of days ago I came home from work to notice something weird.

Some of my keys are just... broken? if I type 'm' I get 'm4'. 'z' adds an 'enter' after it (So, so far typing my name to log into places is incredibly annoying). c does c+End, comma gives me a comma+1, period gives me period+0 (so ellipses look like .0.0.0) Some of these do different things depending if I use shift or turn off numlock.

Anyway, the whole point is, is my keyboard dying or have I somehow accidentally triggered some weird keyboard setting and if so can I turn it the hell off? I'll admit I'm probably the last to know about any weird keyboard settings Vista Ultimate might have, but I figured I'd ask on the (very) slim chance my keyboard isn't on its last gasp.

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Going to go ahead and jump right into this and say it is software related someone switch your keyboard layout. Go into your control panel switch to classic view and their should be an option called regional and language open this use the tabs to switch the view to keyboards and language options their should be an option to change keyboards click that and you should just have to select English (United States) and your keyboard will be back to normal. If this doesn't work you may have some sort of software installed doing switching without you knowing check your installed programs.

Thanks for the suggestion about the languages, but it didn't work. And the only thing I've installed recently is reinstalling Starcraft. I think this thing is just dying, sadly. Certainly a weird way to go, though.

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@dizzymedal: Do you still have the receipt? If you do, return it. If you don't, then you deserve it!

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@kepler said:

@dizzymedal: Do you still have the receipt? If you do, return it. If you don't, then you deserve it!

Lol, sadly it's also 3 years old, so it's outside of its warranty or any return period. These things just aren't made to last forever :(