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I'm looking to do a little dabbling in amateur filmmaking during the upcoming school year and need some recommendations for a strong, full featured PC editing program that won't wipe out my bank account. Something beginner friendly, with a pre-existing tutorial and support base would be preferable, since I am a complete novice when it comes to using such software (with the exception of some iMovie projects back in early high school).

Thanks in advance!

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You should try out the trial version of Adobe Premiere.

You can also get a monthly "subscription" to it for $30/mo. Less if you commit to a year or use your student discount.

I haven't tried out the subscription version of Premiere, so I don't know if it differs in any way from the boxed product, but I think it would be worth a shot.

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Why would anyone except companies purchase legitimate software? I'm just saying.

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Premiere... If that is too expensive or you don't want to pirate it then there is also Sony Vegas on PC, otherwise the best simple editor is the older iMovie HD on a mac.