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So I've been writing reviews for TSSZ News for like, what, five years now? That's kind of a long time. I've done kind of a good job re-posting my reviews from there over at Giantbomb here eventually - usually they go up on TSSZ exclusively for a couple weeks or maybe a month and then I copy them over here. I basically got my job at TSSZ by posting reviews at sites like Giantbomb, so I figure I have to stay true to my roots.

But I forget sometimes. So today I'm going back through the reviews I forgot to post here and... well, posting them. At the very least, it'll help diversify my review portfolio here, because right now it looks like the only games I ever play and review are Sonic games.

So, have at it:

Honestly, I figured I had more reviews I hadn't put up here (I had Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Jet Set Radio HD ready to post until I saw they were already up), but whatever.

I'll probably have a review up on TSSZ for the 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed by Monday, so make sure you check that out, too. It'll end up here on Giantbomb eventually, but I feel obligated to the place that actually like... pays me to review this stuff. So obviously, they deserve the exclusives.