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I've been surfing eBay to see if I can nab some comics for a good price. I noticed that all the bids for used comics start only $5 under the NEW price on amazon. Then with the shipping it adds up to full price. Almost no one relies on the actual function of bidding is measuring the price by demand.

It's like they don't understand that ebay is the garage sale of the Internet. They're communists, destroying the free market. Or they're greedy morons.

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You looking for trades or singles? Trades I find I can always find pretty cheap online, but singles has gone to digital only for me.. If you can't find the physical copy in your town it's just too expensive to purchase a physical single online.

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Well if people buy it at that price ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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eBayers (That's totally a word, look it up) are pretty good for the most part. But the people who go on there and buy used stuff for more than it costs new are the worst and should be put down.

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This post is 20 minutes old? I could have guessed 15 years. eBay has always been weird with both sellers and buyers. I expect they sell plenty at full price.

A DVD that I was selling went for $28 plus shipping. Bidding started at $5. It retailed for $20 and was available for $10-$15 at plenty of Internet retailers. I've seen items go for $20+ when the auction page linked directly to the seller's web store where it was $15. I've seen $100 gift cards sell for $103.

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EBay is dumb. The over priced shipping always makes it more expensive than buying it at other places. I avoid it now.

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Yeah I've been pissed off many times when somebody outbids me and pays more than retail for a second hand game. It's really strange.

I did some research and it turns out that large companies have people scouring e bay buying up stock for themselves. For example. If game or best buy needs copies of black ops 2 they scour e bay for cheap used copies and outbid everyone. Same is true for a lot of other popular products on e bay.

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I know eBay. You bid on something with 5 days left and get outbid with 5 seconds left.