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@Petiew said:

Seems appropriate.

I'd say most people react in that way because they're constantly bombarded with the same questions over and over. Usually the question is very simple and there are multiple topics on the site dealing with the same issue but slightly reworded. You even see it in large topics on this site, the same question repeated when it was asked a page or two ago. Most of the time these things can be found in less time by seaching google or even searching the forum in question. I'd say it's mostly the simplicity of the question and the fact it has been answered countless times that annoys people. More complex questions or ones that have some amount of thought put into them that can't be answered with a couple of words are looked on more favourably.

You may have a point there, but there are times when I do try to just "google it", the search result brings me to forums of people asking the exact same question with the response of "googling it". Perhaps, that is just a sign that google's search engine isn't as great as we all think it to be, afterall what good is a result that is almost a loop onto itself? So, if the answer was indeed somewhere on the web, and google had instead buried it under dead end forum posts of people arguing(because for some reason they get to be on the front pages of that search) Wouldn't the suggestion to just "google it" not be valid at all?

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It's just that the things some people ask for take like 10 seconds in a search engine, so people creating threads about it is a waste.

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That's why Yahoo answers exists, funny enough.  
Well, I'm pretty sure that's why.

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It sucks that the common response is actually making it tougher to find solutions on Google... but people shouldn't be using forums to ask simple question that Google can answer in a second! The blame falls on both sides...

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I do have to ask why people would respond with "google it" when it would take the same amount of time to actually answer the question. Why not just ignore the post?

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Lycos? Go get it!

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@TheSlothKing said:

@Kidavenger said:

What does 'google it' mean?

Google it.

I googled 'Google it', didn't answer anything.

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People still say that?

I thought we've moved past that, as a people.

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I agree. I especially hate when someone says "google it" to me in real life. Motherfucker I axed you a question! Such broken logic. If all the answers are through goog let's just stop asking questions at all.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:

@MyNiceIceLife said:

would "go bing it" be any better?

That just sounds dirty.

It sounds dirty to me, for implications I'd rather not get into on this forum... :/

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@SexyToad said:



Beat me to it... Also I find it funny that the first result is this thread.



Ahhh this circle is so viscous! It's like syrup!

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@Kidavenger said:

What does 'google it' mean?

It's like "gargle it" but with food.

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If someone is going to tell someone else on the internet to "google it", they should at least have the courtesy to google it themselves first to make sure that googling is actually the simpler and more effective method.

I also wouldn't mind if people stopped saying "just get a new/better one" in response to technology problem questions.

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I see this more as a time issue. It takes more time for someone to run a to a board, ask a question, have the people either remember it or Google it themselves than simply suggest "you could probably Google that".

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