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it's simple. just the type of people that you hate or annoy you. heres my two bits.

Volunteer Firefighters.

these guys are the worst. they are usually fat,rednecks and very very lazy and stupid. yet they sit there and act like they are some kind of heroes because they are volunteer firefighters. they are not.all they do is sit around the fire station and bullshit and carry around a fucking radio which every time it goes off they need silence to hear. they never actually do anything and if you ask them how many fires theyve put out,they just kinda smile and say." ive done my share."

no asshole,you havnt! your too stupid and lazy to be a real fire fighter or even a damn cop. so you "volunteer" to be a fire fighter so you can feel important and then maybe,just fucking maybe, on the off chance that all the real fire fighters die,youll get to step up and promptly piss you pants because you 200 pounds over weight and dont know how to operate a fucking hose.


These are just my thoughts. im sure there are real volunteers out there. i just havnt met any and ive met ALOT.

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Hitler? In all honesty from the people I do know, personally, I don't hate anyone.

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Man, I really hate people who only hang around fat stupid volunteer firemen.

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I hate when people make duplicate threads...

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stupid double thread.my bad folks.

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People who create double threads.

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You don't seem to know much about volunteer firefighters. You also realize they aren't getting paid, right? It's incredibly difficult to become a firefighter, because theres always very limited openings, so these people volunteer their time to get the experience to become one. And they do it on their own time, for free.

But yeah, I hate doctors. Fuck those assholes.

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John Smith, if you're reading this you know who you are and why... Alan Smithe, John Doe, and Jane Doe you're close.

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People who list sex along with food and water as a necessity to survive. Fuckin' idiots.

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@DoctorDanger99: Umm, why are there two threads of this topic?