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Poll: Persona 3 FES, God Hand, or Final Fantasy IX (64 votes)

Persona 3 59%
God Hand 16%
FF IX 25%

Don't ask why those three specifically. I dunno, just pick which one's the best.

#1 Posted by JasonR86 (9608 posts) -

Persona 3, FF9, and God Hand in that order.

#2 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

Persona 3 FES by a mile.

#3 Posted by Chop (1994 posts) -

Persona 3, but I recognize how great God Hand just isn't my kind of game. FF9 is nowhere near those two.

#4 Edited by TooWalrus (13137 posts) -

Persona 3 FES > any other game, as far as I'm concerned... and no, that isn't hyperbolic, I think P3 is my favorite game.

#5 Edited by Pr1mus (3811 posts) -

Final Fantasy IX

#6 Edited by FourWude (2261 posts) -

FF9 is generally regarded as the greatest FF of all. By me.

P3FES is also better than P4.

#7 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2004 posts) -

Persona 3 FES, nonnegotiable.

#8 Posted by AlexanderSheen (4929 posts) -

Per... so... na...

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#10 Posted by believer258 (11635 posts) -

Persona 3, no question.

#11 Edited by Slax (894 posts) -

Persona 3 is really good but also the only game on this list I've played. But also it is really good.

Like good, but really good.

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#13 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2197 posts) -

If you ever have to ask to choose between P3 or anything else just play P3. Unless it's P4.

#14 Posted by Sanaj (169 posts) -

God Hand is the only one that I haven't played. I'm not good at fighting (character action) games, so the steep difficulty curve is problematic.

My pick is Persona 3. (In case you're still asleep, I guess.)

#15 Edited by YI_Orange (1128 posts) -

ahhhhhhhhhh fuck. I really love both God Hand and Persona 3. If you're deciding which to play, play God Hand. Otherwise, my vote would have to go to Persona 3.

#16 Posted by cloudymusic (1051 posts) -

FES, by a mile.

The others are cool, too, but...yeah.

#17 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (3023 posts) -

Persona Fes, FF IX and then God Hand.

#18 Edited by Commander_Crichton (153 posts) -

I like dragon kicking peoples asses off into the milky way, so I have to go with God Hand.

#19 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (730 posts) -

It's my personal opinion that God Hand is the greatest video game of all time...and no one else's? :(

#20 Edited by Getz (2989 posts) -

For what it's worth, every one of these games is on the PSN classics section.

#21 Posted by Vrikk (886 posts) -

I love IX. A lot. So... that one. Not played the other two, even though I own both.

#22 Posted by Icemael (6312 posts) -

FFIX I haven't played, Persona 3 is an incredibly dull, long-winded dungeon trek with great music and some kind of neat social sim stuff sprinkled in, and God Hand is one of the best games ever made and without a doubt my favourite in the 3D beat 'em up genre. It's 100% fast, challenging, exciting, face-punching, groin-kicking, bottom-spanking beat 'em up action, it was ahead of its time (and still would be if it was released today), and it should rightfully have been every bit as influential in its genre as something like Devil May Cry.

So yeah, God Hand.

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@icemael said:

FFIX I haven't played

You should.

#24 Edited by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Fucking God Hand all the way, shits crazy.

#25 Edited by UltraSoda (18 posts) -

Persona 3 FES DONE

#26 Posted by Icemael (6312 posts) -

The classic VideoGaiden review:

#27 Posted by Nux (2305 posts) -

Persona 3. This is the right answer.

#28 Posted by Slag (4008 posts) -

I like the Final fantasy series better than Persona.

That being said, I've long felt IX is slightly overrated at least in the series. Don't get me wrong it's really good, it's just not the elite title in the series.

However Persona 3 is a very special game, arguably the best in its' series. Play Persona 3

#29 Posted by ssj4raditz (1125 posts) -

God Hand because I'm crazy.