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Poll: Pet names for loved ones: How do you feel about them? (18 votes)

I can't help myself/They are a necessity to express your affection 17%
Indifferent, sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't 67%
Don't use them, don't want to 17%

Love, dear, honey, babe, sweetheart, sweetie, pumpkin, baby etc

How do you feel about using pet names to refer to a loved one?

The times I've used them I can count on both hands, not a fan. I've used dear a few times but I don't see the appeal myself. In fact I find something like babe/baby quite odd etymologically. My girlfriend uses them regularly in texts, especially sweetie.

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I feel like I sort of land on one early on in a relationship and stick with it throughout. It's not something I use a lot. But in certain situations. Can't really think of a rule for it. I used sweetheart before. I think I did kid before. But then got called out for sounding condescending. Not at all my intention, I just sort of thought it sounded like I was in a movie for the 20's or something. I don't think I could do babe, not sure why. Though I think I was referred to that way in a relationship once. For some reason I found that weird cute.

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I like going overboard to make fun of people who are nuts. "Sugar bumpkins" "Sergeant Truffle Toes" "Wiggle Muffins" "Sugar Crinkles" "Moosey Poo"

It's a great escalating game to play with a like minded individual. The more sickeningly sweet the better. Though I'm indifferent in general to stuff like "honey" "dear" "sweetie/sweetheart" "darrrrling"

I haven't been in a close enough relationship to want to use such terms unfortunately so I'm not sure

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Nah, not for me. I have nothing against em, but it just never sounds natural coming from me; like I'm trying to be someone I'm not.

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Been with someone for 8 years now, and while at first it was a little weird, I got used to babe in certain situations. Namely, it's way more natural to me in places where I would otherwise use her name. Something about being with, and now living with, someone for so long made actually using proper names more than sparingly seem a little....distant? I would never use any besides babe though, I've gotten used to that one over years as a replacement, but anything else would be awkward in my mouth

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Yeah i use them, but not too much. Just at the end of a sentence if I'm wanting to be particularly affectionate. I usually use them in texts because I feel like its adds a level of emotion to a format that is difficult to convey that over. I typically stick with sweetie, cutie, babe, and love. The last one being the most rarely used, I've only ever used that for one girl in particular...

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Wouldn't know. Haven't really dated anyone, so I'm not sure what I would end up using. Most likely, I'd stick to one or two of the common ones. Certainly wouldn't make up cutesy, over-the-top names.

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I call my girlfriend B. Just B. it's short and I love the way B sounds as a word, though that's only on the phone or when I'm in a really goofy mood. I usually call her by her real name, and anything that's longer than a person's actual name I find really stupid.