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Does anyone know if this game for Mac, from 1995, can be downloaded and played on todays Mac?

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Without doing any research whatsoever, my hunch would be no. Mac apps from that time haven't been supported for a few releases of OSX. Stuff from that era ran on PowerPC chips, and they've since made the switch to x86. But that's just for a native Mac version that I'm not sure even existed in the first place.

Your best bet would be to download Wine and the Windows version of the game and hope for the best. Or Boot Camp, but I'd imagine if that were a viable option, you would've just gone with that in the first place.

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I doubt it.

Your best bet would to be to buy the Windows version on GOG and then run it with WINE. GOG's Windows installer plays really nicely with the few different WINE setups I've used, much better than downloading an actual old copy of the game.