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Are you an amateur photographer? I'm not, I just take picture of things that seem cool with my trusty Nikon D5000. I'm sure others here have the same hobby as I, apart from video gamez of course. 
Discuss tips, tricks share your pictchas, sit down and have an espresso and discuss with us fellow beret wearers in this imaginary French cafe.  
I would upload my pictures, but apparently they're all too big for GB because they won't show up in the explorer. So I'll have to move you along to my deviantart account, feedback is much appreciated, but keep it here to make sure I'm not violating a forum rule, or at least not completely. 

My current wallpaper is one of my pictures.
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Definitely looks like you have some interesting ideas. However, I think you should follow the rule of thirds more often. This means placing something interesting 1/3 across the shot, either horizontally, vertically, or even both. It creates much more interest than centering the object you're focusing on. Also, with some of your photos you seem like you are trying to be "artsy" but they didn't really work for me ("Elevate this, "Phones on My Head" for example). It seems like you are trying to insert some deep meaning where it doesn't really exist or is not communicated clearly.  Sorry to be a bit negative. Definitely keep it up! I like "Keep Fighting," and "The Way"
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Here are a couple of my photos: 

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I've messed around with photography before. Here's some of my stuff: 

 Mount Srd in Croatia

 In a monastery in the UK

 Dubrovnik Croatia

 A memorial somewhere in Bosnia
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I read the thread as "pornography"......

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@cnlmullen: Cool photos. Specially the Bosnia one!
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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

" Owning a moment in time isn't art sorry. Learn to paint.  "

What about films that don't have a plot to them in the conventional sense, should the directors learn to paint as well?  
You edited your post to remove the dumb comment, great.
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Rebel T2i (and wide angle lens)

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Nah I'm just cranky I take it back  
However every film has a plot... I don't understand what you're trying to say.  
 The plot's been dead for years, it's now just recycled into a continous spiral.  
Yes, even the Tempst and and Twelfth Night have plots. 
Also I edited it cause I lost my will to argue.
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@soulfulsoul: Thanks, I always told the rule of thirds to others, but I completely forgot it. I know the titles seem really stupid, but I don't know what else to call them. Just calling the headphone picture "Hedphones and iphone" just seemed too boring, although I personally hate every title I pick anyways. The comments are just bullshit I make up on the spot to sound as pretentious as possible, I should /sarcasm after everything. 
I really have a problem with shake though, most of my night time shots go to the trash because I shake too much and don't yet have a tripod. It's a pain, and I hate using too high an ISO (Over 1000) because it comes out way too orange and noisy.
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I am one, though I plan to get paid for my photographs. 

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I am. I mostly take B&W photos and develop them myself. Here's a couple of my favorites (these are crappy scans): 

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EDIT: There used to be pictures here, but I got rid of them because my other ones are better.

Also, I'm colourblind so I tend to stick to B&W

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Ok, forget those other pics (the ones that aren't there anymore), these ones are actually good. Mostly from my trip to Egypt, but the last two are much older.


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@CHAUVface: I really like that second one. 
@nintendoeats: The fourth is really cool, where'd you take it? 

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they are alright. i enjoyed the DS cover like on your desktop prinscreen.

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My wife is a photography student, she's pretty nifty. Here's a few bit from her profile http://moodyem.deviantart.com/gallery/

 Red and Blue food Colouring.

 Broken Wine Glass in a Wine Glass.

 Liverpool St
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@ahriman22: That was taken out of a hot air balloon, flying over The Valley of The Kings.
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I too have been messing around somewhat with photography. My trusty photocapturer is a Canon EOS 500D.  I tend to photograph random objects, so there is little 'theme' to my photos. Most of the time I'm just trying out few things that I read/heard somewhere.



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@GideonAmos: I basically do the same at least for now, until the "newness" of it wears off. 

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I've had a D900 for a few months now. Been shooting some stuff to make a portfolio, hopefully get into uni.

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My photography isn't really the best, I'm aware,  but I'm new at it. I just got my first camera and a few of these I took with my phone.


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 I like this image that I took. It's not great work, but it's a nice shot. 

This is another interesting one. 


Those are really sort of the best I have available. There were a couple of other decent shots on my facebook, but I didn't like them, for one reason or another (for instance, I have your generic picture of the Eiffel Tower from the top of the Arc de Triomphe that everyone's already seen before).
Those were all taken on just your cheap, $100 Kodak digital camera that fits in your pocket, so I'm fairly happy with how they turned out. 
I really just take pictures that I think might look good, and then check to make sure it is. If it isn't, I make what I think are good adjustments, and take another (if possible).
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i bursted out laughing when i saw this for some reason hahaha
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Nice photographs people. My really good photo's are on my Flickr (HERE). 3 total, but I plan on increasing that number soon. I don't like sharing my creative works that I am not absolutely proud of, therefore there is only three. 
@100_Hertz: When I read that you laughed, then looked at the picture again, I also laughed. I noticed how the top half of it's head is narrower than the bottom half. When I look at the duck I picture some guy that eats doughnuts regularly and teaches ancient history.