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Poll: Pick your poison: Anime or Wrestling (651 votes)

Anime 68%
Wrestling 32%

If anime is for jerks, then who is wrestling for? (You don't want to hear my answer).

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Anime. Duh.

#2 Posted by Sterling (2512 posts) -

Where is the option for neither?

#3 Posted by Sterling (2512 posts) -

Or the option for Wrestling Anime?

#4 Posted by Wolfgame (820 posts) -

I don't think a wrestling fan will bodyslam me if I imply that it's possible for a wrestling fan to also like anime.

#5 Posted by oraknabo (1513 posts) -

I understand the appeal of wrestling and I get why Jeff & Alex like it, but apart from a brief interest in the mid-80s stuff when I was in 5th grade, I have never gotten into it.

On the other hand, I really appreciate any well made animation and love movies by Otomo, Ghibli and Satoshi Kon. I think about 90% of anime is still garbage, but the stuff that's good is excellent so I have to pick anime.

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Anime is for jerks. Wrestling is for RAAAAAAA *hits a chair on someone*

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@sterling said:

Where is the option for neither?

You have to pick a side in this war. You are either with us or against us.

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Anime. I have absolutely no interest in wrestling.

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I prefer both in spurts not in long marathons.

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Hentai is lumped in with anime right? I choose that one.

#11 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4666 posts) -

Anime. I ain't no nerd.

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If I have to watch wrestling, i must insist that it be either the Mexican or Japanese variety. American pro wrestling has this macho self seriousness that I find very offputting. At least in Mexico and Japan they are very self aware about how dumb the whole thing is and play up that angle to great comedy effect. I once watched Bob Sapp fight a guy in a Kinnikuman mask during an MMA show. It was not a pro wrestling fight though. Real mixed martial arts match. :)

Holy crap it's on youtube. Observe the magic:

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Anime is my poison, I enjoy the shit out of wrestling but Anime does things to me. It's like a drug.

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Anime, of course.

#15 Posted by laserbolts (5331 posts) -

Wrestling. No interest in Anime at all.

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I have enjoyed anime in the past. Wrestling is stupid and lame forever.

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@rolkien said:

....Anime does things to me. It's like a drug.

It makes you sick to your stomach?

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@sterling said:

Or the option for Wrestling Anime?

this is the only correct answer.

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@sterling said:

Or the option for Wrestling Anime?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is also basically anime wrestling.

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@mb said:

@rolkien said:

....Anime does things to me. It's like a drug.

It makes you sick to your stomach?

It makes me furiously throw up in a heated rage.

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Does VGCW count as wrestling? If it does I'll go with that since that's basically all I'm watching along with soccer youtube videos.

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Anime is my Vice.

You pickin up what I'm puttin down?

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I want a double dose of poison so both.

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I enjoy me some Miyazaki and Cowboy Bebop, but I only really know the wrestlers that move on to movies. I don't begrudge fans of either.

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@rolkien said:

Anime is my poison, I enjoy the shit out of wrestling but Anime does things to me. It's like a drug.

This, but without the wrestling part.

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I guess I'm a jerk.

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As someone who spent their childhood over in Ireland, I completely missed the point of wrestling when I moved to the States. I'll go with anime even though I hate the vast majority of it.

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what about both????

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When done right, there is nothing like anime....guess I'm a jerk too :)

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I'm not sure I can imagine a dumber form of entertainment than wrestling. Oh wait, stuff like duck dynasty and similar shows are pretty shit too. Anyway, Anime I can appreciate.

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I love me some anime but if I had to pick one Wrestling all the way.

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I like both, am i the worst person ever?

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I was way into wrestling at a couple points in my life. But I vote anime, because anime can actually be good. Wrestling can only at its best be dumb in a fun way. And it doesn't get to that point very often.

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I don't watch either, but anime obviously, why the hell would I watch wrestling.

Actually, does Ghost Problems count as wrestling?

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I don't understand wrestling at all. Anime? I don't understand that either, but I'm entertained.

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Spoiler: They are both for jerks.

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The correct answer is wrestling anime.

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hmm Kill la kill and death note or dudes fake hurting each other when boxing and ufc exists.... Geee tough decision.

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Anime i can get behind. Theres ALOT of garbage in anime, like ALOT. I only like a handful of anime shows honestly, the goofy shit is so dumb. Attack on Titan, bebop, FMA, outlaw star, ghost in the shell, stuff like that is awesome. DBZ, bleach, all these over the top dumb shows are just garbage.

But wrestling? How the fuck do people even like that? It's fake scripted stupid stories about greased up men in underwear fake fighting. Even as a little kid i didnt like wrestling i thought the stories were dumb even then. I mean my favorite show as a kid was Batman the animated series, that had FAR more sophisticated and intellectually stimulating stories than wrestling has ever done. I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade or anything, if you like it good for you. I just don't understand at all. Is it in like an ironic "it's so bad its good" type way? I mean i enjoy getting some drinks, some friends and riffing on bad movies alot, especially action or horror flicks (bad comedies are like the opposite of funny). I dunno, if a wrestling fan wants to enlighten me on why they like it, i'd like to hear it. I'm honestly curious. I'm not judging btw. I like some dumb shit too.

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I chose anime, but the real question is: Where does luchador wrestling with Chie go?

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I really like Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler... if that counts in any way. But then I also quite like Grave of The Fireflies... and Tales of Symphonia & Vesperia, which aren't anime but are heavily anime-influenced. Vesperia did get an anime prequel, though, but I haven't seen it. I also think The Rock was awesome in Welcome to the Jungle--I DON'T KNOWWWWWW STOP IT STOP IT SOPT IT

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I choose poison.

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Most anime seems laughably terrible, but there is a lot more artistry that goes into creating anime - even if smooth animation and facial anatomy apparently elude anime creators...

Wrestling always seems like embarrassing pseudo-macho nonsense.

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Anime. I have absolutely no interest in wrestling.

Words taken straight from my mouth. I'd also like to add: fuck wrestling.

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Though it is few and far between, there is at least some intelligent anime out there. I've yet to see intelligent wrestling. Except for maybe some of Mick Foley's late 90s, early 00s work. There also might just be some fucking crazy underground Mexican or Japanese league that's worth watching for the sheer spectacle...

Like this Japanese man -vs- woman fluorescent bulb match! (I chose the third part cause it takes them a while to get this bloody, that side-suplex onto a bunch of fluorescent tubes, man!!)

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I stopped watching anime a long time ago, aside from a few full feature movies. But I don't see myself watching wrestling in a million years. So anime it is.

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I rest my case.

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