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Poll: Pick your poison: Anime or Wrestling (652 votes)

Anime 68%
Wrestling 32%

If anime is for jerks, then who is wrestling for? (You don't want to hear my answer).

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If I were forced to watch only one for the rest of my life it would be Anime. Anime is a medium, wrestling is a genre. In other words one provides access to multiple potential genre's while the other limits you to only watching one genre... forever.

But then you'd have to watch anime for the rest of your life.

You could also just as easily watch western style animation for the rest of you life, you'd still see some Sci-fi, some fantasy and various other things. With wrestling, well all you've got is wrestling. Anime just like any other medium has a turd to entertainment ratio of about 20/1, the problem is the weeaboo jerks who insist that 20 pounds of tripe is actually the best shit ever.

I feel like people who say "All you've got is wrestling" don't really understand the different levels of wrestling out there from the totally bizarre, goofy and fun Japanese/Indie levels of wrestling, to the total car wreck disaster pieces with no story or anything that are nothing better than backyard wrestling to the old school wrestling to the stuff like what the WWE puts out there that is a blend of comedy, and a parody of more real life issues etc. to Botchamania and just everything that's ever been botched. I get where you guys are trying to come from by saying that there are different types of genres within anime and the like, but the flippant dismissal that all wrestling is exactly the same is no better than people saying there's no variation in anime.

Wrestling totally does go some weird places, and there are of course multiple sources of wrestling. However what I'm getting at is that it is still all just the one genre. There are multiple forms of period drama, however would you watch that and only that forever instead of going with western television as a medium? My point is that the poll is flawed, one is a medium (animation), the other is a genre (a specific form of media inside a genre). You could just as easily create and then watch an animated wrestling show :)

See, I agree to an extent. I agree that, yeah, you can have different genres within anime. I disagree, however, that you could have an animated wrestling show and it would be as compelling as actual wrestling is. In an animated wrestling show everything would be tied together and one person would sort of be calling the shot on how the story progresses and where things go. In actual wrestling it's this sort of fantastical mash of wrestlers and writers and producers all coming together to tell a story. Not that an animated wrestling show couldn't or wouldn't be entertaining, but it wouldn't be the same.

When Hulk Hogan picked up Andre the Giant - that was a moment. A real man picked up another real man of almost mythical proportions and raised him above his head and slammed him down. The Undertaker losing the streak to Brock Lesnar was a moment. In an animated series Hogan slamming Andre wouldn't be anything special because it's just whatever somebody can draw (not that it might not be a moment within the anime itself, mind you, because there are certainly moments in anime that have been incredibly heartfelt and touching and exciting, but never in the way the big moments in wrestling are) it wouldn't be the memorable feat of strength that it was that went on to inspire an untold number of people. The Undertaker losing a twenty-one year running streak wouldn't have been anything in an anime. In real life, in wrestling, The Undertaker losing his streak silenced literally hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world, all at the exact same moment in time, that can never be recreated.

I do agree the poll is flawed, however. But, in truth, if it came down to it, even though I do watch and enjoy anime, it's a no contest that wrestling wins. Watching real people live their dreams (Daniel Bryan as an immediate and current point of reference) in front of hundreds of thousands of people and struggle against so much to make it happen is something that anime cannot recreate to me. You could tell the exact same stories in an anime, but without that live element there, without that little hint of humanism, humanity, real life, that's trapped inside wrestling, it wouldn't be the same. Because while both wrestling and anime are still means by which to tell a story, wrestling is a live performance where things can go wrong, where expectations can be defied. Wrestling may have limits on how it tells its stories, but I still think it is disingenuous for people to say or suggest that all stories told in wrestling are somehow the same simply due to the confines of how they tell their story.

This doesn't necessarily mean as much to people not in the wrestling loop, and I'm sure there are people who will dismiss this as people reading way too much into something, but I want to leave this here as an example of how deep the story telling in wrestling really can be before they even get to the part of the story telling that takes place within the confines of a ring (note, it helps if you also are willing to go and watch the actual match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar itself, but, I feel like the point should still be able to stand without it) - How deep the story of the streak ending really went. Some amount of it is undoubtedly adding in meaning after the fact, but, that happens with all storytelling and art.

Wrestling is live and unpredictable (despite being scripted) and if you keep up with it in the moment, the feelings of excitement, the bursts of joy and anger and rage and shock, the emotions the wrestlers and writers and crew can make you feel are so unique to me compared to any other story telling medium that when it gets down to it, I would gladly give up an entire other medium just to be able to keep watching wrestling.

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Well I don't watch wrestling anymore outside of a few choice clips and I keep up with Botchamania. I still watch anime but maybe about 2% of all the new shit out there is worth a damn for my tastes, if that much. Can't we at least agree that some of the coolest video games of the previous generation feature elements of both? Saints Row The Third, Metal Gear Rising, No More Heroes. Calling either thing a poison sounds rather harsh.

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Anime, but only because I've been exposed to anime, I know what to expect.

Wrestling? No one in my immediate family is in any way a sports fan. I'm thinking of giving it a shot, because a lot of people I know are into it, but I don't know how to to start watching wrestling, or if it's a good idea.

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Wrestling Vs. Anime needs to be the new feud in the email section of the bombcast

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My answer is probably pretty obvious.

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The question seems silly to me. It's akin to asking whether one prefers playing checkers or American video games.

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Can't we have our cake and eat it too?! I'm all for coexistence! Coexist! Like this: (I'm surprised it hasn't been posted yet quite frankly I could've sworn I first encountered the following on a Giant Bomb thread)

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Just because I still watch anime more than I watch wrestling nowadays, I had to pick anime. But I was really a sucker for wrestling back in the attitude era when I knew nothing of anime.

Also there's definitely some sort of overlap I can't place my finger on between anime and wrestling. For some reason, Kill la Kill, which is probably my favorite anime from the last year, kept reminding me of how much I used to like wrestling at certain super campy but totally amazing moments.

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Wrestling when it's good.

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I like both, but when wrestling is at its best it makes anime look like a wet fart.

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I'm not sure what you guys are fighting about, but a hamburger is still not a sandwich.

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Anime is real while Wrestling is fake, so I choose Aminae.

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Should have been a checkbox poll, I like both

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@nmc2008: Anime is at its realest when I snuggle with my Mio-chan body pillow... when I can sleep with a CM Punk body pillow, come talk to me about wrestling.

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Anime since I'm more likely to be happy watch it than the few moments I seen some wrestling shows. Also lot more absurd moments in anime than wrestling. High school boy transforms in a new outfit to pilot a mech > meat heads fighting in a locker room.

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Anime, no question. Would rather watch animations than hulked up people fake hitting each other. I'll gladly be the jerk!

Edit: Also if I had to watch anime only for the rest of my life, at least there are a ton of different styles on anime, Sci-fi, Horror, Creepy hentai, Fantasy, Romance, ect.

Show me a sci-fi romance wrestling and you might have me

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Either one when they're good. I picked wrestling because when it's bad and someone screws up bad enough to end up on a Botchamania video, it's hilarious.

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When I was younger, I used to really like wrestling but not anymore. I like anime but never really have much time to watch it. Anime over wrestling for sure.

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Anime over wrestling unless the Olympics are on. I love the Olympics.

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@medacris: If you are considering watching any now is a great time. Post Wrestlemania is when they start building new story arcs and rivalries. There are some that obviously will build and carry over from what has previously happened for depth, but there are new personalities coming into the fold around this time that you could see their stories begin just like everyone else.

They are usually pretty good about recapping events from the previous week or more in replays and video packages during the shows so the backstory shouldn't be too tough to catch up on. The easiest thing I could recommend is watch a show or two and find a couple wrestlers whose style/personality you really like and following them.

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Also, I think everyone here can get behind the fact that something like Kaiju Big Battle exists:

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I love the people picking anime are showing the worst of it as their "I rest my case". Like there's alot better anime out there guys.

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Anime fans should love wrestling as the "sport-entertainment" is huge in Japan. Ever read "Battle Royale" by Koushun Takami? The author's forward is all about his love for wrestling, and the book's title ain't no coincidence.

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Well, in Usagi drop the girl plays with the same blocks at daycare that I had, so that's rad. On the other hand, Paul Heyman is the most charismatic motherfucker in the universe and every word that comes out of his mouth is fucking gold.

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Anime is real while Wrestling is fake, so I choose Aminae.



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I chose anime. The incredulous is more acceptable when it's 2D. Wrestling is too realistic for my tastes.

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This is like choosing your favorite kid.

Wrestling is my favorite kid.

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The only anime shows I cared for were the old Pokemon episodes as a kid and a romance comedy called School Rumble, which has stopped airing episodes a long time ago. Now that I've gained a growing interest in wrestling, I have to pick Wrestling.

And can we all agree that Wrestling IS the anime of all sports? Like how anime is to ordinary animation (Disney, Dreamworks, etc), wrestling has its vague similarities to sports but wants to separate itself from sports to be its own thing.

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I am starting to feel like GB is secretly a wrestling site. The huge ass ultimate warrior mourning thread only supports my theory.

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Cowboy Bebop.

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Wrestling will never be as good as wrestling anime.

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Or the option for Wrestling Anime?


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Oh, and anime is the answer, obviously. I feel like if you like Japanese video games at all, then there is at least some anime in your heart. And if you like the way Japan does crazy more than the way the West does crazy, which I do, than it becomes a really easy question to answer.

Though I have to admit, there is a good chuck of the time that my anime appreciation is ironic, because there is so much shit that I've watched where I spend 95% of the time laughing hysterically and mentally shouting, "What the fuck is going on?! This is insanity."

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@gunslingerpanda said:

I like both, but when wrestling is at its best it makes anime look like a wet fart.

But wrestling hasn't been at its best since its best which was over a decade ago.

Why did the Attitude era have to be so good.

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Amine is cool and all, but wrestling is where my 5 year old heat lays. Sorry amine, maybe next time.

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Hentai is lumped in with anime right? I choose that one.

Wrestling porn is vastly inferior. I also choose the animes

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Why choose, when you can watch an anime about an idol group who starts wrestling.

No, I'm not joking.

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I am a jerk

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Wrestling is super dumb and anime is sometimes less dumb. So anime.

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The website known as Giant Bomb appears to have spoken and anime is the winner. Now for the applause.

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Since I have seen the gauntlet has been thrown anime can't get this real. Kids at my school honestly thought a man had been murdered on television. Just like Jeff says about hentai you can't fuck a cartoon in real life.