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So quite disappointing but no way making me regret the purchase of those nice headphones, but people should be aware that the new PS2 Classics launched on PSN this wee like Oden Sphere, are not supported by the headphones to produce sound. It switches back to my TV sound. Now I phoned the PS support line, and they confirmed this that the phones will not work on the PS2 games that you download off the network. I could understand if you were using a launch PS3 and used a disk based PS2 game, however it's not right that they do not work for a PSN game even though it likely has something to do with emulation. Oh well, just one thing people may want to consider when purchasing the headset or who own them already and are thinking about purchasing the PS2 games off the PSN. For me, I still love the headphones and this in no way changes that. Just thought I would inform the community ^^


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Well that sucks.

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Really? That makes no sense. Why wouldn't it work?

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Probably because PS2 doesn't support Bluetooth headphones.

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Doesn't matter to me! These headphones are fuckin awwwwwwweeeeeeesoooome. Did you play the BF3 beta with them on? The fucking bass is CRAZY!

Try using them on your computer to listen to dubstep. It's like riding a rainbow.

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@BulletproofMonk: It didn't support bluetooth controllers but its not like I gotta use a Duel Shock 2 to play games. Somewhere somebody fucked up, either in the PS3 firmware or the PS2 emulator, and didn't code the games to output sound through the headset. Its something that'll probably get fixed in an update.

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Wait, so if they made a PS2 emulator...can I FINALLY put my PS2 games into my slim and play them?

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That...doesn't sound as though it makes any sense.

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@Example1013: No, these are games Sony are putting up on PSN that they are probably taking time to get working on ps3, not a full emulator for ps2 games.

@BulletproofMonk: As JoeylA kinda said, the ps3 will emulate some of the ps2/ps1 hardware like memory cards or controllers so you can save to the hard drive or use the dualshock 3. They probably over looked this or don't think its worth the effort to get working.

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This does not make much sense, the official PS3 stereo wireless headset uses its own WIFI dongle so it should always work aslong as the PS3 OS is still running the background.

Can you still pul up the XMB while playing these PS2 games?

And why has there still not been a EU release date announced for these PS2 games?