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So, a few years ago I watched a music video on YouTube of a song I found pretty awesome. But I can't remember its name or the artists behind it.

I think it was an electronic group featuring a rapper.

The music video was a stylish animation of a city made of silhouettes, the rapper, who walked along rapping, was a black silhouette of a realistic-looking man.

If I recall correct, it was snowing. There was plenty of orange, black and white, those were pretty much the three colors the video had. I'm pretty sure it was by a british group.

Any help appreciated!

EDIT: I think the video came out around 2008.

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@Harkat: Might have been something by Dizzee Rascal?

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@dudeglove: I really doubt that. It wasn't long after seeing that vid that I started listening to Dizzee Rascal, so I think I'd have ran into it. Cheers though.

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Was it Crooked by Aesop Rock and Evil Nine? Sorry that's all I got. It's not snowing and it's not Orange White and Black but it meets all your other criteria. Hope this helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6dxYka2tRk

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@Hyperglide: Not that one either I'm afraid. The one I saw had switching, panning camera angles and a slightly more realistic (though mostly silouhetted) look.

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do you remember any lyrics at all?@Harkat:

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@DeF: Afraid not, so long ago.