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Hey duders!

I have a band in Australia that's been playing to nobody for about two years and finally we've decided to get off our arses and do something about it.

In Australia there is a big alternative music radio station that has its own ranking system for unsigned bands. I won't get into the detrimental things about this system unless you want to but suffice to say its sort of the only way to get your music known.

So if you could give the song 'Steps' a play and a download that would be so nice of you and extremely helpful. It's sort of a dreamy, psychedelic thing.

Here's the link:



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It's actually not bad at all. Good luck.

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Are you the guy with the denim jacket? That's my guess.

That was quite nice. Good luck to you.

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very nice. dowloading it.

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Love Steps dude, keep up the good work!

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I really enjoyed Steps! Keep up the music duder.

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Thanks so much everyone.

Than@49th: I'm actually the guy second from the right in the green jacket.

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I listened to it. I went into it not expecting to like it, but it's not bad. Not bad at all. Best of luck, duder.

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I enjoyed that, well done!

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Very nice. Might catch one of your shows soon.

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Steps was a very nice relaxing song, DL'd!

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My flash crashed halfway through, so I didn't finish it, but what I heard was really good; mellow, dreamy, lushly textured etc., good stuff!

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I'm probably taking money away from cancer kids by downloading this, ain't I?

Oh well.

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This is good! I hope you succeed!

@winternet: Hey man priorities. Who is more important. Random cancerkid or random Gb duder.

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Suprisingly good. I have to download this... and the other two too.

@muttjones: Thank you! GLHB for you and for the band!

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@evo said:

Very nice. Might catch one of your shows soon.

Cool man. Where do you live? We play around Melbourne.

I'm probably taking money away from cancer kids by downloading this, ain't I?

Oh well.

Nah there's a whole EP for free if you wish. So many many cancer kids.

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Hey guys thanks to your help we're just under the top 100 on the overall charts for the station. They display the top 100 on the website which will really help with our exposure. If you have it in you to listen or download one more time that would be amazing!