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how do i gain points? I want 1000 so i have some freedom.

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You have to make edits.....and you won't receive any points until a moderator approves your submissions.

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Make meaningful contributions (to the wiki of information) = get points = get freedom to not have your meaningful contributions audited every time you try to make a change to the wiki.

It's easy :)

Edit: added link to FAQ where the details are explained

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^ What mister Pleasures said. 

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@AhmadMetallic said:

^ What mister Pleasures said.

Why post just to say that?

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@Kennard said:

how do i gain points? I want 1000 so i have some freedom.

I'm going to close this thread up because there's already plenty of documentation on the forums explaining how the wiki works, but simply, if you want to get points submit to the wiki. When one of your submissions is approved you'll be rewarded with points appropriately. The Giant Bomb general FAQ goes into more detail on how the points system works, and you may also wish to check out the Wiki FAQ for more information on editing the wiki, but if you're really unsure of anything then just ask a moderator. I hope this helps.