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In terms of videogames? Pokémon.

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They're both cool, Pokemon games I like more.

The Digimon shows are a bit more Legitimate Anime than Pokemon, series 3 being a notable example.

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You can't really compare them cause they aren't that similar aside from the name.

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Games: Pokemon

Anime: Digimon

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I never played any Digimon games. The Pokemon games were quite amazing back when they came out, however these days I just think it's laughably how little they changed and improved. So don't have a real preference there. I mean I'm actually offended by how little these Pokemon editions change.

As far as TV series goes. Digimon by far.

First of all Pokemon is simply a terrible series. Even as a kid I only really enjoyed it at the beginning. Just because you're young you cannot help overlook the amount of stupidity and repetition in that show. No, Team Rocket saying and doing the same shit basically every episode for... I don't even know how many episodes there are by now, there's nothing good or fun about it. It's just bad. On top of that there is no progression in that show. Ash is basically just always the same Ash and barely ever changes. Same for the other characters. Zero character development. On top of that it's stupid. The fact that Ash doesn't evolve his Pokemon and constantly gives away his best ones is just so irritating.

And then Digimon season 1 and 2 are actually great. You have fantastic music (unless you have the American (or also e.g. Swedish) soundtrack, which is basically a shame in comparison to the amazing original Japanese soundtrack), fun characters with lots and lots of character development as well as an actually somewhat interesting story and progression. The setting was quite interesting and thanks god, Digimon can actually talk. Also some of the Digitations are badass. In fact, in Pokemon there's nothing even close to resembling something as awesome as the Venommyotismon battle.

In short, Digimon is a TV series I'd actually show my future children.


To clarify, I don't think much of Digimon after the first two seasons, in fact season 2 is already much worse than season 1 imo.


In regards to American vs Original Soundtrack, as an example the Season 2 intro.

Going from thisto this- you got to be kidding me. I know, I grew up with the original soundtrack (localized into German, which sounds even better because the guys who did the music localization in Germany are pretty darn good) so it isn't entirely fair. But still, they whole way this TV series feels must be quite different when you get generic garbage like the American intro in comparison to actually beautiful tracks.

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Both were stupid.

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Pokemon but only up until Gen 3 or so because after that (though i risk sounding like a grumpy old man) the monster designs started looking pretty shitty.

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Games: Pokemon

TV: Digimon for reasons already mentioned in this thread.

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Pokemon. Because: Pokemon.

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I remember watching season 3 of Digimon as a kid and kinda getting my mind blown that the Digimon show (season 1 and 2) was an actual tv show in their world. Then things happened that were very anime in terms of dramatics and theme, but at the time I didn't even know what anime was. The show went on and it ended with me wondering how this could be a show for kids. For people who want to know the show ends...with all the digimon getting killled/sacrificed in order to save the real world. The real bitch is that the adults tricked the kids into setting that scenario into motion because they wouldn't have done it had they known the outcome. EDIT: I remember them dying, but it turns out they would have died had they stayed in the real world. They all get sent back with no possibility of returning.

Now that I think back it might have been my first real anime if you don't count catching the occasional episode of Sailor Moon.

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I was a Digimon kid when it came to TV shows; didn't play either of the games much. Actually, I never even owned a Pokemon game, I played some from friends and thought they were really boring and repetitive.


@Gargantuan said:

Both were stupid.

I don't remember either of them too much, and I know they were for kids, but any show that can take the word "digivolve" (WTF!?) halfway seriously is really stupid. Doesn't stop me from saying that the Digimon show was better because it had a storyline and growing characters instead of "adventure of the week" episodes for how many years now?

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Pokemon was my early childhood. Those damn cards, I would love to know how much money I spent on that shit.

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@Gargantuan said:

Both were stupid.

Well yeh, but you're bound to find stupidity in shows like this, no matter what really.

Still I'd say Digimon is kinda the perfect series for kids, it actually teaches a lot of values (friendship and all that good stuff) while also being really cool.

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Pokemon you nobhead.

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Digimon! Digital monsters. Digimon are the champions!

God, the opening to season one was dumb. I want to say Digimon, but there are just too many of them. From the one game I played(DS game) there is way too much grinding and I basically needed a guide to see where my evolutions would go. The overall game wasn't great either.

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I remember thinking the Digimon cartoon was pretty rad. I tried playing Pokemon a number of times and always quit cause I got bored. Thats my answer I guess.

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Pokemon, never really got into Digmon.

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Pokemon. I think the games were charming, addictive, satisfying, and they were a big part of my early experience with video games. Digimon on the other hand, I never "got".

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Digimon 24/7. The japanese version of "Our War Game" is a genuine 5 star movie in my book. The cartoons were surprisingly awesome and contained some pretty deep themes and moments, which Pokemon never quite got to that level. I mean, sure, Pokemon has the video games, but Digimon holds that special place in my heart.

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Pokemon.  Digimon was fucking cool though, and that PS1 game is an underrated gem.

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Flint the Time Detective.

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Games: Pokemon 
Cards: Pokemon, though I played both 
TV: Digimon, though I watched both

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@GunslingerPanda said:

Games: Pokemon

Anime: Digimon

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Pokemon. Never watched or playedDigimon.

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Pokemon. No question!

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Pokemon. Although I did get some Digimon cards. I believe they were free. Didn't like the show at all though.

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Pokemon got me started with anime and liking monster cards, but when Digimon came along, oh man. Awesome monsters are the ultimate boy's childhood maker. Wargreymon is still the most awesome.

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Pokemon. The fact that you are even asking this question is an insult to Pokemon.

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as a game and franchise. pokemon.

as a anime tv show. yu-gi-oh gx

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@believer258: Digivolve is an english dub only thing. The original term is just evolving, but I suppose they wanted to differentiate themselves from pokemon.
I loved it at the time, but even for a kid's show the digimon dub is probably one of the worst I've ever seen. 
Digimon wins for me. Even the fanfiction like Adventure 02 is better than most episodes of pokemon, and the first digimon world game is amazing!
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I'm seeing a trend here... Pokemon for games, Digimon for anime. At least the first couple of season or so.

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I never played a Pokemon game, so I gotta go with Digimon... because DAMN I remember watching those cartoons and loving them when I was a kid.

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Uh, Pokemon. The Digimon show was absolutely confusing and no where near as entertaining as Pokemon. I felt like I could be Ash when I was a kid. Not to mention the style of monsters in Pokemon spoke to my personality more than Digimon, which felt to me like a monster version of hotwheels.

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I agree with the whole Pokemon for games, Digimon for anime thing being said here. A lot of my friends would disagree entirely, however I suspect they haven't actually watched Pokemon since they were kids because my goodness, it is completely fucking awful in many respects, especially the movies.

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Only if we're talking about Digimon 3, man that show was amazing so much style.

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Fuck yeah Digimon.

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Monster Rancher, motherfuckers

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Pokemon on all fronts. Never liked the Digimon cards, games or anime at all.

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Both. I loved both series as a young lad and I don't think I could choose.

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Pokemon even though the first few season of digimon were actually pretty good, been meaning to go back and watch those to confirm that.

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Digimon had the Ska thing going on.

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@GunslingerPanda said:

Games: Pokemon

Anime: Digimon

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Digimon because the first season was basically LOST for kids.

I'm serious.

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@Hyperfludd said:

Digimon had the Ska thing going on.

What does this even mean?

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That a serious question?
That a serious question?
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pokemon, 151 then it just got stupid. i thought digimon were a rip off of pokemon. digimon came out after pokemon. i did give them a chance though with the tv show.

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I don't partake in either, but I vote Digimon solely because there's far less poorly-written Digimon creepypasta crapping up the internet.