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This channel is going places. Check out their Harvest Moon trailer if you haven't (but you probably have.).

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All of my money.

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Pretty good, but I feel like they hammered home the Jurassic Park spoof a little much.

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Where do I stick the money!

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The dude from Party Down left to pursue a Zapdos?!

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You know, the Harvest Moon trailer was pretty cool. Always wished HM had an anime adaption like Animcal Crossing did.

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I was working on a Persona 4 trailer to the Inception trailer music. I always tbought that would be funny.

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I played the hell out of Pokemon Snap at Blockbuster when I was a kid.

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That was pretty good. Although this was grittier:

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That was pretty good. Although this was grittier:

Holy shit, people still remember this? I thought I was the only one!

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I remember playing that game and my mom would want to play too lol.

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That was spectacular!