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Poll: Poll for the North American continental users: Domestics, Exotics, or Tuners? (21 votes)

Domestics 33%
Exotics 48%
Tuners 19%

Most of my fellow Americans I've discussed cars with have an affinity for one pillar of the automotive trinity. What's yours?

I'm keeping it to a single continent because a 1969 Stingray Coupe and a 1996 Porsche 993 mean very different things between pond sides.

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what does tuners mean in this context

(I am bad at cars)

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Oh thank goodness. You're talking about cars.

uhh... I do think exotic cars are the most interesting, but it can certainly depend.

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@animasta said:

what does tuners mean in this context

(I am bad at cars)

They're basically custom cars created through "car tuning". So, cars that are great for modifying or making your own are "tuners".

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@animasta: Examples would be the Subaru Impreza STI or the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Basically, cars commonly customized for street racing, drifting, or rally racing.

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I picked domestic because i've never owned a car that i'd consider "exotic' and i've never "tuned" a car. so yeah....Normal dude here.

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Just to clarify to The international users out there: I am a 36 year old America and I have not idea what this poll is about, let alone have a strong opinion about it.

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Tuners as I Drive a lancer and soon to get an evo 8

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I'd rather own a domestic car because it's cheaper to get parts for and my legs can actually fit in most of them comfortably, unlike most foreign ones. If I were rich I might own an exotic car, especially if I could modify it to give myself more leg room.