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For various reasons, I will be very quickly throwing together a small retro-ish game. I'm still pondering what exactly I want to do. For market research reasons, I would appreciate it if you would post a single image of a small (think arcades) game that you like, possibly with a little bit of text explaining why you like it. Thanks kindly!

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Wayne's World would never lie to me!

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@a_cute_squirtle: I feel like if you posted that image and it wasn't a real game that would be a moderatable offense.

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Not sure exactly how retro you mean or how small you mean but as far arcade games go for me:

Street Fighter 2.

street fighter ii snes hadoken Games of Summer: Street Fighter II

and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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It's like Animal Farm without the subtext.

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@a_cute_squirtle: I feel like if you posted that image and it wasn't a real game that would be a moderatable offense.

To be honest, I was going to go dig up a picture of Custer's Revenge, but thought twice about it. Still, one should have more sense than post a picture of masturbation.

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@eccentrix: Man...that game makes NO SENSE!
It is also, strangely, highly relevant to what I'm thinking about doing.

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Game is dope. One of the first isometric games, relatively clever puzzles, lots of exploring, plus you're a fucking wizard.

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To be fair to my example, I mentioned Wayne's World in the caption. You'll understand that if you've seen Wayne's World.

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Kid Chameleon was one of the coolest games Sega had to offer. You play as “Kid Chameleon”, stuck in a virtual reality arcade game, going through virtual environments ranging from underground lava pits to ancient ruins, using power ups that turn you into things like: an axe throwing maniac (watch out Jason), a knight, an overweight samurai, a skeleton driving a tank (yeah, you heard me), etc. Long story short, the game was pretty awesome, and renowned for being intensely hard.

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Konami music was just so good back then.

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Also, I don't understand what you're actually looking for - do you specifically want arcade games?

Not really, just games that are more about having a small but polished set of content and mechanics.