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So I did this big blog series on Rocksmith and have messed around on my acoustic trying to see if I can make something that is like a song. So far I've made two. I thought it would be cool to post and have the rest of you post your music so we can check out what we've made and try to play each other's creations. I don't know how to write in sheet music but I can write in tab so I wrote up my first song and, in another post, I'll write up the next song (doing this takes me a while). These songs work well on an acoustic guitar. I don't know how they'll work on an electric.


Ok, lets try this again. Maybe this will work?

Tab for my dumb song

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♫ Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do ♫

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♫ Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do ♫

So that's G, D, A, E, G?

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@jasonr86: I believe it is C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C

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I used to write a lot of music, mostly orchestral or small ensemble type stuff. Unfortunately I did all that stuff on pirated software and my harddrive died, so none of its left and I haven't done anything since then. Thinking back on it now though, it wasn't very good, so I don't think you guys are missing out on anything lol.

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Since I don't have anything better to do with this stuff:

Gummi Bears (men's a capella) - Arranged by The Brown Derbies (I think), Transcribed by Me

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When She Loved Me (men's a capella) - Written by Randy Newman, Arranged by Me

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Keeper (piano for rehearsal only) - Arranged by Me, Original Text by Terry Goodkind (Sword of Truth series)

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♫ Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do ♫

That's how I learned to read sheet music, not the C, D, E, F, G, A way.