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Well I thought I would get this started. Everyone post your setups you have, let it be your pc's , tv setups, gaming consoles. Lets show off :)

My Recently Built PC

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Nice setup you have there.

The mass of cables behind your desk is just like mine.

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I'm really to lazy to start working on it, but its not like anyone looks down there anyway :D

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It works for me....Nothing special.

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thats awesome I see my post in your laptop :P I feel famous hehe. Nice setup you go there. What Kind of laptop is that.

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Its an HP Pavilion dv2000. I should have picked up a few things before I took that picture. Oh well.

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ill post it later, just built it =]

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Nice i'm excited to see it :)

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I'll post a video of my setup when I get a camera and we can post user videos.

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Wow, well img tags don't work and "my images" isn't loading...

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Wont let me edit my post <_<

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nice lol, i dont have a picture but i have XBOX 360, N64, Sega megadrive, Gamecube, Wii HD 26"TV and computer in my room

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Brainkiller said:
"Wont let me edit my post <_<

What are the specs of your rig?
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Here's my moderately schweet setup:


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Well, my camera has disappeared. It'll try to find it and post a pic, but I've got an Intel Q6600 overclocked to 2.8Ghz, a 640MB GTS and 2GB of RAM, so at least you know the specs.

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Ok i keep getting an error but as soon as i can get it to upload. Then i will put the pic here.

Tv Setup - Ver 1 8/07
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Nice setup everyone :)

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Some seriously nice set-ups going on here guys, i'll try and get a picture done later.

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My set up.
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Hey AttackedCamo what TV is that, is it any good

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Hey AttackedCamo what TV is that, is it any good