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So I left for about a week and came back home to discover that the games I had left out had dust on them. I tried cleaning off the dust with warm water and a clean rag. Afterwards I noticed that there were some marks left. Not like scratches but like residue. Is there a proper way to clean my cases. I have heard goo gone works but I am a bit afraid of using that since I have heard it has strong chemicals in it. I know it is kinda silly but I would really appreciate it if you guys and gals could help out a brother.

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Ya, that goo gone type of stuff is probably your best bet. Or maybe windex.

Although the best solution is always Steam.

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On cases a little rubbing alcohol maybe. I've used it to clean off the sticky residue left over from the shitty gamestop price stickers.

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I am the same way. I end up just crying about it, then the salty solution of my tears cleans it away. That last part isn't true.

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@Bishna said:

Ya, that goo gone type of stuff is probably your best bet. Or maybe windex.

Although the best solution is always Steam.

I see what you did there ;)

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for future dusting, head to grocery store and get yourself a Swiffer. Thing is magical.

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Two words into the title, I thought I was going to have to delete this thread, but this is a valid concern for those of us with varying levels of OCD when it comes to maintaining our video games.

My recommendation is high purity isopropyl alcohol with a clean 100% cotton or micro-fiber cloth.

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thanks, everyone. i will definitely try all those options.

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Honestly, I would just go online and buy blank cases. They are pretty cheap, you can buy them in bulk to have them around as back ups, and it's just a matter of swapping out the little paper cover on the front and you are done. I'm thinking of doing this with a couple games as I got a few of those satanic red PS3 boxes and some boxes with annoying eb games stickers plastered all over them that won't come off.

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Digital future.

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not a big fan of the digital future. licenses go sour sometimes and i am stuck with no Vice city in my steam library :(. grew up with physical copies, ill die with physical copies. well....scratch that last part. digital downloads is an inevitable future :(