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Hello everyone,

In my experimental psychology class we had to create a survey and eventually we will have to write a paper. The survey is just about health/diet and the more responses I get the better data I will get and the better the paper. Everything is completely anonymous.

Thanks for the help duders!


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Done but I'm English so I didn't know how to answer the GPA or Ohloan (?) questions because we don't have that here.

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Yeah, I couldn't respond to GPA or Ohloan either.

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@Sploder: That is ok thank you for doing the best you could!

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@mandude: It is ok. Thanks for what you did do!

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there you go. i couldn't answer a few of them.

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Done. Now I feel awful about myself.

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@iam3green: That is alright. Thank you for what you did answer!

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Answered what I could, good luck with it all!

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Done what I could.

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I answered all of them except for the Ohloan.

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I did the test. Just thought I'd point out, 2000 calories a day is for women, 2500 is for men. So maybe it should be changed? Because stuff like that could effect the results pretty badly, especially if the majority of people questioned are male.

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Done and done. I like filling out surveys for some reason.

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The results don't rely on that question so much. Thanks for pointing that out though!

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Done I answered what could for ya man.

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Submitted! Man, am I a fatty.

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did it to help a duder.

im meh, i mean im not grossly out of shape, im just meh, ya know? lol

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I was going to answer your survey but after seeing the posts by fattys feeling bad about themselves I decided to step away.

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Done, Im in good shape and I can outrun a centaur, but my eating habits are horrifying.

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A surprisingly large portion of my diet appears to be recreational drugs, if that survey is to be believed =/

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@IrrelevantJohn said:

Done. Now I feel awful about myself.

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Done. I'm eating 6meals2400cal/day, working out 7-9 times a week. Yay!

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As a dude who has lost 95 pounds in 6 and a half months, answering those questions made me feel good about myself.

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Done! Hope it helps

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I know what you mean. Don't worry honestly this survey is not about telling who is fat and who is not. It is to see a correlation of GPA over healthy eating habits. Thank you for your time

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@GERALTITUDE: Well thanks for thinking about it! It has nothing to do with "being fat" though. It is to see a correlation between GPA and eating habits.

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You dont want to know what goes in my mind.


ouh, it was only about the calores, lol. well ok then pal :)

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Just filled out the shame survey. Now to go eat until I feel better.

In all seriousness, I hope it helps. Best of luck!