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Here's a shortened version of the description from their website:

Our RoboCop Remake is a film project [where] 50 filmmakers (amateur and professional) have split the original RoboCop into individual pieces and have remade the movie.

On board yet? Perhaps you'd like a trailer:

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Come on, it has 30 RoboCops. That's 29 more RoboCops than RoboCop. That other RoboCop remake only has one and it's not even a very good one. I mean, they don't even get his famous catchphrase right, "Hey guys, it's me, RoboCop".

Our RoboCop Remake on the other hand totally does.

So yeah, if you wanna watch it, it's up in full on their website: http://www.ourrobocopremake.com/


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That's a lotta RoboCop!

Looks cool. I'll have to check it out!

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Oh man, I just started watching the first ten or so minutes of it, and it's amazing. I'm nearly cracking up already.

If you like RoboCop, you should see this.

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This was enjoyably weird, emphasis on weird.

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The bit introducing ED-209...

I lost it. This is amazing.

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This is the best thing that's happened to me all week. Thank you for this.

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5Stars and two thumbs up. Simply amazing!

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man, this is a film to see opening night with an unruly crowd and booze snuck in.

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Oh man, you guys need to see the one part Norman Chan linked to on his twitter. I can't really post the link myself right now, but it is... quite a sight. Very graphic also.

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Those were two of the best hours of this year so far for me. Absolutely brilliant.

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Good lord, that rapist scene......

Edit: Awwwww man this is so good. Thanks for posting this.

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Oh my fu...."puppy" this is amazing

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This 'puppy' nonsense is the lamest thing in the world.

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@jimbo said:

This 'puppy' nonsense is the lamest thing in the world.

Agreed. I'm all for a censorship system on the forums as long as its as hilarious as Something Awful's.

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Wait, no...

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@crithon said:

man, this is a film to see opening night with an unruly crowd and booze snuck in.

This is some worthy of Tommy Wiseau Room shit. The site says they screened it in NYC. I wonder if there's any footage from the "premiere".

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I haven't had time to see the whole thing, but it looks fantastic. My biggest laugh so far was when they answered the question, "Can Bobby fly?".

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actually looks kind of awesome

The new Robocop looks like it is exactly what the original Robocop was poking fun at. It turns my stomach. Robocop had something to say. This new version almost feels like a personal "fuck you" to Verhoeven from someone inside Hollywood.