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If to strengthen thine flesh is to strengthen thine lord's flesh, then by doing so, you strengthen thine devotion to thine lord's will. *Blurb for Push-ups*

Any good push-up/work-out mantras to share?

P.S. This is a poor attempt at salvaging a double post, but it's really time for my daily push-ups and such. Why no *Delete Thread* option under *Full Edit*?

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just do them / it?

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Push ups ain't shit but hos and tricks!

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just do them / it?

Push ups just aren't the same, if you readily do them. I'm never ready, but willing.

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Also Seppli, you only use 'thine' when the following word starts with a vowel. This follows for 'mine' and 'my' as well.

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My push-up mantra goes a little something like this...

"Push ups get you laid. Push ups get you laid."

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Also Seppli, you only use 'thine' when the following word starts with a vowel. This follows for 'mine' and 'my' as well.

As long as it's sounds like 'Ye Olde English', it's okay in my book.

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if thy sucking on myne flesh and swallowing thyne..

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Only one that comes to mind is Pain is weakness leaving the body.... When i was in school they use to use that on the t-shirts and shit for football.

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Cock push ups? One is all you need.

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Just do some push-ups, yo!

The more you do, the easier it gets. Aim to improve by one push-up per day at first. At the end of a month, you'll be doing 30+. Scale your routine from there.

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When I do my push-ups everyday (along with crunches and all that stuff) I just go to my mental check list. Doing that gives me enough motivation to do them because in my mind I always think, "When I get these out of the way I can move on to the other stuff". Plus, if I don't do any exercises on the weekdays I feel sluggish, which is why I do 30 pushups every weekday.

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Now, I am weak. *push-up* But through exertion and loss of blood, sweat, and tear the future shall see a different self. *push-up* The present pain in my biceps and triceps will fade but my strength will not. *push-up* With hardened Steel and Flesh I shall descend upon my enemies with keen righteous fury. *push-up*

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Seppli. Stoppeth maketh fucketh threadeth.

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Are looking for a mantra that lines up with your push-up motion? If so, the Carl Winslow mantra does the job pretty good.

3-2-1 (on the way up)

1-2-3 (on the way down)

What the heck (on the way up)

is bothering me? (on the way down)

If you keep a good, slow cadence with the mantra, it can help you maintain your push-up cadence.

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@seppli: This is all you need to know to get in the best shape of your life.


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"My arms hurt."

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Seppli. Stoppeth maketh fucketh threadeth.