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C3P0, it was the nickname my friends gave me because I never shut the fuck up

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But who has ever liked C3-PO? He can't do anything except speak to Ewoks.

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@Ravenlight said:


I agree with the meatbag!

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Murder truly is the best protocol.

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Haha, what a heartwarming poll. A good Hizang thread for a change :P (just joking).

C3P0 for me.. He was just so calm and had a soothing voice as he spoke uncontrollably.

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R2D2 actually has a use.

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Guilty Spark

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I want to punch everybody who voted or will vote C-3PO in the face. Seriously what is wrong with you people?

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Psh. PSH. R2D2 would be nothing without C-3PO.

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Jar Jar Binks

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@ajamafalous said:


damn beat me to it.

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R2D2 doesn't talk constantly, and can somehow be charming even with his fake robot language, so the answer is clear.

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Edit: to be on topic. C3P0, I just love the dude.

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C3PO. If he wasn't a robot, I bet he'd be an excellent drinking buddy.

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R2-D2's only useful contribution was carrying the Death Star plans around in his brain, he's a glorified flash drive. C-3PO at least had a useful skill.

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@Kevin_Cogneto said:

R2-D2's only useful contribution was carrying the Death Star plans around in his brain, he's a glorified flash drive. C-3PO at least had a useful skill.

It stopped the entire cast from being crushed in a garbage bay.
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You're essentially asking us to choose between a puppy and an overworked office clerk.

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Dot Matrix?

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This isn't a fair question its like asking peanut butter or strawberry jam, pick one. You can't have one without the other.

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R2D2 is awesome. thing is you have to have a translator to talk to him.

c3p0 talks a lot but he can translate to different languages.

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