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For those of you that don't know, Art Bell is a radio legend that built the show Coast to Coast AM into the biggest late night talk radio show in the U.S. Over the years his personal life and age seemed to be getting in the way and he began turning his show over to others like George Noory (who sucks), who finally took it over for good. Art has been off the air completely for a few years now. But now he's just announced that he's returning to the radio, but the catch is, it's satelite radio. He has a new show called "Dark Matter" that will be on four nights a week for three hours. Artbell.com

I think it's worth it to me to get a subscription to it now with Art back on the air. Art Bell can interview and interact with anyone. He will take the most ludicrous and whacky claim with a straight face and aplomb, but will then take a wild claim on a serious subject and go after the speaker and dig at what they are saying. Alien abductions, demon possessions, bigfoot, cattle mutilations, hard science, and fringe science: Art Bell will go everywhere.

I've been listening to the man for over ten years and have been missing him quite a bit. I can still remember when I moved to a new city some years ago, barely knowing anyone, sitting in my empty apartment with no TV and internet, listening to Art as I ate a sandwich at 2 in the morning. It's like having a constant companion with you.

If you don't know about Art, check out some classic stuff from his former show, Coast to Coast.

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I used to listen to Coast to Coast a lot. It was fun to hear random stuff about aliens and conspiracy theories while relaxing on a hot summer night. I thought Art Bell used to host every last Wednesday in a month though, or some arrangement similar to that? If that was him (I'm pretty sure it was) he was way better than Georgy Noory, who just seemed to agree with anything anyone said to him.

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whats a radio

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@theht: Art use to host the show full time. Then he switched to just weekends, handing everything else over to Noory. Then he did something like the every other Wednesday thing. The past few years, Art has been gone completely. He has cut his ties with Coast to Coast and has even criticized the directions that Noory has gone with the show.

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whats a radio

It's like a podcast, except you have to turn on a box and listen at a certain time.

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Oh man. This is the best news I've heard all week. Thank you. Art Bell is the man. I listened to alot of coast to coast back in the day working overnights. And Noory doesn't hold a candle to Bell. Bell has to be getting up there in age though right? He always sounded old anyways. Either way this is an instant subscribe for me. Bell could get me interested in topics that I cared nothing about. Once I moved to Chicago sans radio I missed those Wednesdays. Again thanks OP.

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@mcghee said:

@markwahlberg said:

whats a radio

It's like a podcast, except you have to turn on a box and listen at a certain time.

that sounds BOO-RRING *rides away on a skateboard doing sweet tricks*

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I remember that guy from Prey!

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Well, now I feel like booting up Prey.

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@csl316 said:

Well, now I feel like booting up Prey.

Oh, gosh, I forgot about that!

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@csl316 said:

Well, now I feel like booting up Prey.

Oh, gosh, I forgot about that!

Fuck yeah, alien panic broadcasts while exploring gross ship with sphincter doors.

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I'm not big on conspiracy theories and the paranormal, but I'm glad that people into Art Bell can get to possibly enjoy him again. :)

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Hey guys..remember this?

I feel compelled to post it anytime someone mentions Coast To Coast.

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@phished0ne: There's another one that I heard live where a guy was talking about shit from Halo like it had happened to him. lol

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He was actually one of the best parts of Prey :o

I hope he returns if/when Prey 2 happens.