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Rank the Pixar animated movies in order from your least favorite to the absolute best. If you would like to defend you choices go right ahead but I'm curious to know where some of these movies will lie.

There are 14 Pixar films released: Toy Story, Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Brave, Monsters University.

14. Cars 2 - Easily the worst Pixar film, most will agree

13. Bug's Life

12. Cars - Despite it's popularity with children, most people over the age of 8 dislike to begrudge the movie.

11. Brave

10. Finding Nemo - I scratch my head with this one. I just don't understand the love and revere this movie receives from critics and adults, and still to this day. It isn't on the level as Cars but I always thought people would look less and less on it as the years pass which isn't the case.

9. Toy Story 2


7. Monsters University

6. Toy Story

5. The Incredibles

4. Monster's Inc. - The relationship between Boo and Sulley is what really makes this movie shine and as I was watching MU, just really missed this dynamic.

3. Ratatouille - My personal favorite Pixar movie but I recognize Up and Toy Story 3 are the better overall films. It does have it's weaknesses but I overlook them more so than others and I think it is one of the more underrated Pixar films.

2. Up

1. Toy Story 3 - The best overall Pixar film. Tops both its previous sequel, has a clever story, and god damn that ending is just perfect. I really hope the end the Toy Story universe with this entry but regardless, one of the best animated movies ever.

14 - 11: I personally don't like these films and hate having to bring them up with other films on this list.

10 - 7: Ok to solid movies that have their moments but as the years pass I just don't care for them like I used to or never really cared for them to begin with.

6-4: Great movies that I still watch from time to time, will watch with my son as he grows older.

3-1: Movies that I watch regularly, practically perfect films.

I hope @rorie or @alex could find time to rank these movies, would love to read their input.

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I liked Cars, and I'm 30 :P

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Mmm, well for me it would be best to least impressive:

  1. Wall-E (one of my all-time favorite movies regardless of genre)
  2. The Incredibles (possibly the best superhero movie; better than TDK or Avengers)
  3. Toy Story 2 (More entertaining, better villain, better music than the original)
  4. Toy Story (but the original was still pretty damned good)
  5. Ratatouille (a bit hokey, but still joyful overall)
  6. UP! (I'm not enamored by this one like many, but it's got a lot of smart moments in the film)
  7. Monster's Inc (good "buddy" flick with some good one liners by both leads)
  8. Toy Story 3 (I'm a bit "meh" on this third go-round.)
  9. Brave (disappointing for their first female lead movie)
  10. Cars (it was okay)
  11. A Bug's Life (watched it again recently, feels dated)
  12. Finding Nemo (...)
  13. Cars 2 (so bad, I'd rather watch Shrek IV)

I haven't seen Monsters U yet (sitting on my shelf right now) so I can't comment on that one but I will say that I think that the Disney Animation Studios recent offerings (Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen) have been more enjoyable than Pixar's last few.

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Bugs Life is one of the most underrated, underappreciated movies of all time.

Name me 10 Pixar movies better than A Bugs Life.

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I've only watched a handful of the movies on that list, but I'd rank them in this order:

Bug's Life - Never liked it as a kid

Toy Story 2 - It caught me at an age where I thought it was pretty dumb.

Monster's Inc - It has a lot of personality, but it just didn't click with me too well.

Wall-E - It's an interesting story with pretty visuals!

Up - Pogo made me like it.

Toy Story 3 - I barely remember anything about this film, but the bits that I do remember are pretty nice.

The Incredibles - I have a lot of fond memories about this one! A cool cast combined with nice visuals and intense action = Love.

Toy Story - Nostalgia is a powerful thing. This was one of the films that I used to watch a couple of times each week on VHS (other notable titles include: The MMPR movie, A Goofy Movie, Men In Black, and Space Jam).

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Bugs Life was great. Yall hatin'

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@penguindust: Have you seen Frozen? Is it any good?

And I agree with Disney actually throwing out a better product over the past few years than Pixar. Pixar seems to be stretched thin as of late with a movie or even two released a year. In the beginning up to the middle it was a movie every 2 years.

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@bemusedchunk: See my list and I give you 12 Pixar movies better than A Bug's Life

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Toy Story, Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Brave, Monsters University.

1. Toy Story 3

2. Wall E

3. Finding Nemo

4. The Incredibles

5. Up

6. Monsters Inc

7. Toy Story

8. Toy Story 2

9. Brave

10. Monsters University

11. A Bug's Life

12. Cars

13. Cars 2

14. Ratatouille (because its the only one I haven't seen)

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I'll just name my top 6 . I didn't watch any new pixar films recently . Also , didn't like Cars or The Incredibles .

Wall-E , Up , Toy Story 1-3 , and Finding Nemo

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Monster's University is pretty bad, guys.

  1. Toy Story
  2. Up
  3. Wall-E
  4. Toy Story 3
  5. Finding Nemo
  6. Monster's Inc
  7. Toy Story 2
  8. The Incredibles
  9. Monster's University
  10. A Bug's Life
  11. Cars

Haven't seen the rest.

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Fuck you, Bug's LIfe is the shit.

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I haven't seen them all, so I'll only list the ones I have personally watched (worst is first):

  1. Brave - The only Pixar movie I haven't liked. Merida is insufferable.
  2. Toy Story 2 - Forgettable.
  3. The Incredibles - Forgettable, though I enjoyed it more than Toy Story 2.
  4. A Bug's Life - The contrast against Antz made me enjoy A Bug's Life more than I might have.
  5. Toy Story 3 - Fantastic movie.
  6. Monsters, Inc. - Boo! Mindblowingly awesome concept inside of a good movie.
  7. Toy Story - Another mindblowingly awesome concept inside of a great movie.
  8. Wall-E - My favourite Pixar movie by a fair margin. Incredibly unique and enjoyable.

I've never worked up the courage to watch Cars or... (shudder) Planes.

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  1. Toy Story
  2. WALL-E
  3. Monsters Inc
  4. The Incredibles
  5. Up
  6. Toy Story 2
  7. Brave
  8. A Bugs Life
  9. Ratatouille
  10. Finding Nemo
  11. Toy Story 3
  12. Monsters University
  13. Cars
  14. Cars 2

Was gonna add Planes at the end as well, but forgot that's not a Pixar movie.

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14. Cars 2

13. Cars

12. Monsters University

11. Brave

10. Ratatouille

9. Up


7. Toy Story 2

6. Toy Story 3

5. Bug's Life

4. Monster's Inc.

3. Finding Nemo

2. The Incredibles

1. Toy Story

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  1. Toy Story 2 - It took everything great about the first movie, while still introducing new characters which fit perfectly. I also think I was the perfect age when this was released.
  2. Toy Story - The original was still fantastic, everything about how the toys act and move is so finely done.
  3. Wall-E - There is almost no dialogue but the fact they can make such an emotional story is down the the characterisation of the robot and the nuanced animation.
  4. Toy Story 3 - The only reason because I was older but the characters are still good
  5. The Incredibles - I liked the powers and stuff it was just a fun movie with a great story.
  6. UP! - I wanted to watch this for years and I think it's a nice movie although it doesn't quite reach the height of other Pixar films due to some characters being a bit one-note.
  7. Monster's Inc. - I don't particularly remember this, but I do remember enjoying it as a kid.
  8. Finding Nemo - This was fine...
  9. Ratatouille - This was also fine. I mostly enjoyed looking at the food, damn those modellers made it look nice. All that Blinn-Phong shading and shit.
  10. A Bug's Life - I barely remember this but I liked it because I was young
  11. Brave - I watched this on a plane which may have impacted my experience, but I thought it was boring and annoying

I haven't seen Cars or Monsters University.

Also, I am really bad at writing about movies... I gave up halfway through.

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  1. Wreck-It Ralph
  2. That's the list.
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All this Bug's Life hate is making me sad.

14. Brave - One of the most boring non-Pixar like films.

13. WALL-E - Really boring, I just don't like it. Probably ranks lower in my list since everyone overhypes it.

12. Cars 2 - I actually didn't think this movie was terrible, I laughed a few times, but it wasn't the high Pixar quality.

11. Cars - Like Cars 2, not that high of quality.

10. Up - The first ten minutes of Up are incredible, but the quality does fall off after. Plus, it didn't help that I fall asleep every time I watch this movie for the last 20 minutes (I know, my fault).

9. Ratatouille - This is where it gets tricky since I love Ratatouille, but it doesn't hold up with the other films.

8. Monsters University - One of my favorite movies this year, I laughed a lot. But it just didn't have that charm of the original.

7. Finding Nemo - Now these next three I can swap around at any time since I love these three so much. Finding Nemo was such a great world and adventure to be watch unfold.

6. The Incredibles - One of the best superhero movies I have seen.

5. Monster's Inc - Everything about this movie is perfect, the humor, the message, the story, the characters.

4. A Bug's Life - This movie is incredible. Never a dull moment. Super funny. It is very different from most Pixar movies, and that helps it stand out as better than the most for me.

3-1. Toy Story 1, 2, 3 (In no order) - I grew up with Toy Story. Toy Story is probably my favorite movie of all time. I grew up with Buzz and Woody, and when Andy was going to college, I was going to college. Every toy is perfect in their own way and has their own characteristics. All of the movies hold up. I just don't know what else to say but this is my incredible most favorite movie ever.

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Ratatouille had a hell of a soundtrack. And dammit, I've been putting off seeing The Incredibles for years now.

I'll just give the Toy Story series the top 3 spots, can't speak for too many of the rest.

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1. A Bugs Life

2. The Rest

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Worst to first:

Have not seen: Ratatouille, Monsters U, Brave

11. Cars 2

10. Cars

9. A Bug's Life

8. Finding Nemo

7. Up

6. Toy Story 3

5. Monsters Inc

4. Wall-E

3. Toy Story 1

2. Toy Story 2

1. The Incredibles

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  1. Up - Easily one of the best movies of all time. The opening 20 minutes is so beautiful and tragic, and there are plenty of moments throughout the movie that always brings a tear to my eye.
  2. Toy Story 2
  3. The Incredibles - Best super hero movie of all time.
  4. WALL-E
  5. Toy Story
  6. Finding Nemo
  7. A Bugs Life
  8. Ratatoullie
  9. Monsters Inc
  10. Brave
  11. Toy Story 3
  12. Cars
  13. Monsters University
  14. Cars 2
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I honestly haven't seen many Pixar films, so I can't properly rank them, but I thought Brave was actually pretty bad. The lead is a brat and the whole reason that the majority of the movie happens is because she does something horrible to her mother and refuses to apologize for the duration of the film.

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To be honest as much as I like Pixar films, there are seven or eight great ones, I get tired of them. I think lately Disney Animation Studios is putting out some very interesting projects - Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, and now Frozen.

You know what, its not that Pixar is worse but I don't think they are getting any better. On the other hand EVRYONE ELSE is getting better and everyone else is outside the box. In the last few years the animation that really made me take notice was Wreck It Ralph, Rango, and The Fantastic Mr Fox.

#25 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

Toy Story 3


Toy Story


Monsters Inc

The Incredibles


Toy Story 2

A Bugs Life

Finding Nemo



Cars 2

Haven't seen Monsters U.

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@hailinel said:

I honestly haven't seen many Pixar films, so I can't properly rank them, but I thought Brave was actually pretty bad. The lead is a brat and the whole reason that the majority of the movie happens is because she does something horrible to her mother and refuses to apologize for the duration of the film.

From all the pre-release stuff I saw, I thought the movie would be all about her becoming a master archer so she could choose who she married. Instead... we got Brave. Pah.

#27 Posted by ripelivejam (6440 posts) -

Ratatouille is fucking inspirational, i kinda put it on a pedestal above the other ones of theirs i've seen. i WILL say i've never seen any toy story movies proper, just bits and pieces here (evil man i am for sure).

Up and Wall-E are pretty fucking fantastic. Incredibles has a damn fine first half. I know this isn't a list.

#28 Posted by Redbullet685 (6217 posts) -

14. Cars 2
13. Cars
12. Brave
11. A Bug's Life
10. Ratatouille
9. Monsters Inc.
8. Wall-E
7. Monsters U
6. Up
5. Toy Story 2
4. The Incredibles
3. Finding Nemo
2. Toy Story 3
1. Toy Story

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I've seen like 3 of them in their entirety. The Incredibles was great and so was Monsters Inc. Monsters University was mediocre. That's it.

#30 Posted by StarvingGamer (9163 posts) -


  1. The Incredibles
  2. Toy Story
  3. Finding Nemo
  4. Monsters Inc.
  5. Toy Story 2

That's all I've seen

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Cars 2 (haven't seen it but I got the impression it's worse than the 1st one)

Cars (I saw bits and pieces of it and yeah it didn't really do it for me)

Brave (haven't seen it but I refuse to believe it's worse than Cars)

A Bug's Life (To be fair, I haven't seen this in a while but I don't remember thinking it was that great. I thought Antz was a lot better)


Wall-e (The best part is the first 20 or so min. The rest of it is just ok for me)

Finding Nemo

Up (The beginning is fucking amazing. The rest of it is just alright but it still balances out to pretty good)

The Incredibles

Monsters Inc (The bloopers at the end were so damn good)

Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 (It's too close for me to choose between the two)

Toy Story (It might just be nostalgia but this films happens to resonate the strongest with me. Other Pixar films have had stronger singular moments for me, like the beginning of UP, but I feel that none of them are as consistently good as the Toy Story films).

#32 Posted by Animasta (14824 posts) -

1. The incredibles

2. the rest

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I'm not sure I could rate them in any kind of consistent order, because most of them are really good. I don't much care for WALL-E's preachy sweetness, and I think that A Bug's Life is overshadowed by everything that has come after it, neither can be called a bad movie in any sense of the word.

No, that's what Cars, Brave, and Monsters University are for, and the only reason I can't say Cars 2 is also mediocre because I've refused to see it. Unfortunately, those are also the last 3 movies that Pixar has made.

#34 Edited by Evilsbane (5145 posts) -

@nightriff said:

10. Finding Nemo - I scratch my head with this one. I just don't understand the love and revere this movie receives from critics and adults, and still to this day. It isn't on the level as Cars but I always thought people would look less and less on it as the years pass which isn't the case.

7. Monsters University

Your a monster.

14. Cars 2

13. Cars

12. Brave

11. Monsters U

10. Ratatouille

9. Bug's Life

8. Toy Story 2

7. Monsters Inc

6. Toy Story 2

5. UP

4. Finding Nemo

3. The Incredibles

2. Toy Story 3

1. Toy Story

#35 Posted by Fluttercry (246 posts) -

Best to worst because I don't want to do the numbers myself

  1. Finding Nemo (this one is probably more because it reminds me of the relationship with my dad)
  2. Wall-E
  3. Toy Story
  4. The Incredibles
  5. Monsters Inc.
  6. Toy Story 3
  7. Ratatouille
  8. Monsters University
  9. Up
  10. Toy Story 2
  11. Brave
  12. A Bug's Life
  13. Cars
  14. Cars 2
#36 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3133 posts) -

I still haven't seen: Monsters University, Up (I know), Brave, Cars 2, and Ratatouille

9. Cars - To be fair I haven't seen the entire movie, but even so I'm sure it wouldn't change my mind. Definitely not going to watch Cars 2.

8. The Incredibles - I think the last time I watched this movie was when it was in theaters. I remember liking it.

7. Monsters Inc. - Been a REALLY long time since I've watched this one, but John Goodman is in it so it must have been fantastic.

6. A Bugs Life - I've seen this goddamn movie hundreds of times, so I guess it has a bit of a soft spot with me.

5. Finding Nemo - This movie was great. Excited for Finding Dory.

4. Wall-e - This movie is really smart and adorable.

Heh, here's where my list gets lame.

3. Toy Story 2 - It was more Toy Story, and that was reason enough for it to be in the top 5. Sadly my least favorite of the trilogy.

2. Toy Story 3 - I was surprised at how great this movie turned out. The ending was really emotional and well done. I hope Toy Story 4 never comes out.

1. Toy Story - The first Pixar movie I watched, so nostalgia is probably a huge factor in it being number 1. Still watched it recently and goddammit it is still great.

#37 Posted by nevalis (111 posts) -

Not rated due to having not seen it or seen enough to make a decision:

Bug's Life, Cars 2, Monster's University

With that, there are only two movies I am solid about. The rest vary based on my mood and other factors, so they are more fluid.

TLDR: I enjoy most of their movies.

1. Toy Story 2 - I've seen this movie countless times, and it just has the best combination of pacing, humor, and heart of pixar films. That montage of Jessie gets me every time, while the dilemma of choosing either a life of fame without performing the duties of a toy (to be played with), or to eventually be forgotten but enjoying the ride is relatable without being preachy.

2. Toy Story 3 - Oh man. I expected this movie ride the coat-tails of 1 & 2 and when I saw it, I'm sorry I ever doubted it. The daycare story was both hilarious and disturbing (that monkey!), and the furnace scenes and Andy's final playtime with his toys before going off to college were powerful. Definitely the last great Pixar movie.

The rest of these movies are in no particular order:

WALL-E - The pre-Axiom scenes are some of the best Pixar. Yes, the corporation/consumerism stuff is very blunt, but the way everything is so desolated and sad with only the music and WALL-E's beeps to drive the narrative was amazing. The spaceship plot was nothing great. More slapstick and kid-friendly stuff. The movie is like eating filet mignon as the first course and then having salad/breadsticks afterwards.

UP - Once again, the beginning of the movie is heart-wrenching while the rest of the movie is good, but not at the same level.

Cars - I know this movie gets a bad rap, but there's something about it I enjoy. I guess because it's basically the movie "Doc Hollywood" and I like that movie is partly why, but I'm a sucker for montages of bygone times. It's one of Pixar's weaker films, but I appreciate it.

The Incredibles - This movie I want to like more, and I really do like it, but I loss interest in the final act. This movie was at its strongest when it was about a family with superpowers dealing with day-to-day issues (family/marital issues, work, etc.), before it becomes a movie about superheroes who happen to be related.

Monsters Inc. - I really like this movie. Sure some of the sidekick comedy and villain scenes miss, but Sully's conflict of doing what's easy and expected or doing what's right was some of Pixar's best work. Of course Sully chose to do what's right and it just also happened to solve the monster world energy problem which is a bit too convenient, but I think a sad ending might've been too tough for kids.

Brave - What this movie excels in visuals, it lacks in most everything else. The comedy was standard issue, and the scenes that were meant to be poignant were instead a bit cheesy. Basically, the blue wisps (the ones that led everyone around) were literally the reason why the story happened and also how it was able to be resolved. Thanks for nothing, jerks!

Finding Nemo - While I thankfully can't relate to the story of losing a family member due to some unforeseen event, I can understand the challenges it presents when the movie start. The visuals are gorgeous and the plot is fun if not basic. For whatever reason, my favorite scenes are when the Pelican discusses dental procedures with the fish. It's so absurd, and great.

Ratatouille - This movie is like comfort food to me; it's not the best, but it's very enjoyable in small quantities. Remy sort comes off as a food snob, which annoys me, but he's so passionate about it that it doesn't feel too pretentious. Most of the human interaction is so-so. My favorite scene from this movie is where all the commercialized Chef Gusteau cardboard props would talk in their respective cultures, Texas, Southern, Mexican, etc. Of course every time the movie ends, reality kicks in and the idea of rats in a kitchen is disgusting.

Last, but least, Toy Story - While the advent of CG movies was going to happen eventually, this movie showed that it can turn lifeless computer models into characters that you can connect to. The plot of avoiding irrelevance at all cost is pretty dark though Pixar skillfully masks it behind sharp humor and nostalgia. If they didn't make any more Toy Stories after the first one, I'd be satisfied with it, but I'm glad they produced two more, though I hope they end it there.

#38 Posted by endoworks (332 posts) -

Ratatouille is the best... cars 2 worst.... How to Train Your Dragon better than them all!

#39 Edited by aajf (238 posts) -

14. Cars 2 - haven't seen it, hear it's fine for kids.

13. Cars - see above

12. Brave - many of the ingredients were there but this film didn't come together for me. I was disappointed that the passage where the mother was a bear was so short. The potential for comedy and emotional weight to be mined later on [a la Up] seemed strong. I don't know if the directorial brouhaha had anything to do with the things I don't like about this film, but the assumption is there for the taking.

11. Monsters University - I laughed plenty, but it was nothing special.

10. A Bug's Life - I haven't watched it recently and hardly remember it, but all of the protests from lovers of the film in this thread are making me think I should watch it again soon.

9. Monsters Inc - the premise remains brilliant, but this movie has not held up for me, though I have friends who disagree. Many moments give me the fuzzies, but it isn't funny to me now. Sully's eyes and facial muscles move rigidly between expressions, which is offputting to me. I felt and still feel that the world could have been more imaginative, a world that looked built for monsters rather than appearing principally human in design with monsters shoehorned in.

8. Finding Nemo - Wow, this film is great and it's only number 8! Damn, Pixar is a special studio.

7. Toy Story 2 - doesn't hit the nostalgia sweet spot like the original, not as funny or moving [Jessie's song does nothing for me] as the third. Still brilliant!

6. Ratatouille - easy on the eye and often delightful. I find the human protagonist a little grating and also think the film is a touch too long. It is a little unfocussed due to its two villains, though it does come together brilliantly at the end. Like Up, it is a film most memorable for one brilliant moment/sequence instead of the whole.

5. Up - how 'bout those opening 10 minutes? The rest of the film is great too.

4. Toy Story 3 - perfectly timed love-letter to young adults who were kids when the first one came out. Also a perfectly timed love-letter to any parents letting them go.

3. Toy Story - basically my childhood?

2. The Incredibles - I don't remember when it happened or how I didn't realise it sooner, but at some point it dawned on me that this is hands down the funniest Pixar film there is. That it is also touching and great to look at is a bonus.

1. WALL-E - sort of an Up and Ratatouille situation, in that one sequence stands out from the rest of the film, but in WALL-E that sequence is, what, 40 minutes long? I think animation always has the most potential to surprise you when it is free of dialogue, and WALL-E's lengthy opening realises this potential brilliantly. Also much love for that Peter Gabriel song that plays over the end credits.

#40 Edited by Coafi (1519 posts) -
  1. Toy Story 3- I love this movie so damn much, I went in theaters thinking they couldn't pull off another great sequel, but they did. The story once again had action, comedy and so much emotion. I almost wept when I saw my favorite characters in peril. Also, this movie looks sooo good, so much damn color.
  2. The Incredibles- Brad Bird knows how to direct action movies, this movie had great visuals that simply could fit easily with a live action film and great soundtrack.
  3. Toy Story 2- Again more adventures with the characters I loved.
  4. Toy Story- This movie blew my mind as a kid. I watched it recently sure, it looks a bit dated but damn the story is so good. Also, thanks for making me think my toys could come to life as I slept. I spent many sleepless nights thinking my toys would randomly start moving.
  5. Up- Impressive visuals, lots of colors with great and lovable characters. When they get to the blimp that's when the movie started to lose me. I just wished they didn't get a lame villain to cause conflict. I wanted more focus on Russell and Mr. Fredricksen.
  6. Wall-E- This is another movie that gets points simply because how good it looks, the story was pretty meh. But it was cute.
  7. Monsters Inc.- John Goodman has a great voice for a lovable monster. Billy Crystal not so much.
  8. Brave- I'll give this movie points just because of the hair technology, other than that I was hoping the story was going to be something else. I was disappointed.
  9. A Bug's Life- I remember watching this movie once as a kid, I barely remember it but talking bugs are not my thing.
  10. Cars- There's something about the design of the characters, that I really can't stand. Plus, it's about cars. Pffftt... how boring.
  11. Finding Nemo- I fucking hate this movie so damn much. I don't get the love people have for this movie. Dory the fish, is one of the worst characters ever in animated films.
#41 Posted by Darkstorn (479 posts) -

Wall-E is my number one. Great, beautiful story and lots of social commentary.

#42 Posted by BisonHero (8561 posts) -

@aajf: Wait, what? The part where the mom is a bear is like the entire second half of the movie. You act like it's 20 minutes long or something. Though yeah, I was pretty disappointed that that was the central dilemma of the film, because it wasn't much of a journey, and didn't feel like it went anywhere, she just kinda starts sympathizing with her mom all of a sudden, then they kill a bad bear.

#43 Posted by FreakAche (3028 posts) -

1. Up

2. Toy Story 3

3. Toy Story

4. Ratatouille

5. Finding Nemo

6. Monsters Inc


8. The Incredibles

9. Cars

10. Toy Story 2

11. A Bug's Life

Haven't seen the more recent ones yet. I should probably get on that.

#44 Posted by aajf (238 posts) -

@bisonhero: sorry, I muddled that, I meant her first 24 hours as a bear, when she and Merida are bonding over fishing/forest life, before finding the big evil bear. I suppose I meant to suggest that more of them together might have lent some weight to their resolution, which kind of came from nowhere as you said. I think we agree but I was unclear?

#45 Edited by MAGZine (441 posts) -

I don't understand the hate for Finding Nemo.

The movie was gorgeous, the characters were relatable & charming.

If Ebert's rating of 5 stars doesn't tell you something about the movie, then there's no convincing you.

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I actually haven't seen ALL of the Pixar movies, some i've seen parts of, but not enough to list them.

From Least Favorite to Most Favorite

9. Bug's Life (Cool villain and fun side characters, but the leads are bland and stock. Overall rather forgettable, even when it was new.)

8. Wall-E (Brilliant first half, but then someone-probably an executive-took control of the movie and turned it into a loud and obnoxious chase movie for 5 year olds.)

7. Finding Nemo (Another beautiful looking film-one of the best-but the overall the story isn't paced as well as it could be. There's long sections where not a lot happens and worst of all, the MEMEs that popped out of this movie. God! If I hear one more person sing 'Just keep swimming.' I can't be held responsible!)

6. Toy Story 2 (A fun movie that's very enjoyable for all ages. Unfortunately it has the unenviable position of being 'the middle movie,' where the plot and conflict is brought up out of nowhere, and is dispatched at the end. After Toy Story 3 brought everything full circle, Toy Story 2 feels very much like a side story or worse-an inconsequential sequel.)

5. The Incredibles (I'll admit, I didn't really care for this movie when it came out, but overtime it has grown on me.)

4. Toy Story 3 (I don't think it's the greatest animated feature of all time, but it's damn good and touching. A very bold way to end their first movie franchise.)

3. Ratatouille (A rather silly premise-even by Pixar standards-that could have ended really badly. It probably has the most beautiful visuals in any of their other movies.)

2. Toy Story (Probably the earliest movie I saw in the theaters-TWICE. Even today the film still takes me back to my childhood. I love every moment of this film.)

1. Up (An animated send-up to the classic film serials of the Sound Era. The same fun shorts that inspired Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The film is complete fun and manages to bring more emotion than most other movies.)

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@nightriff: I think you're wrong about Cars. It may have a simple premise, but it does tell one of the best character growth stories ever. Where most stories have the protagonist change right after learning something about the world and/or him/herself under a starry night, or have a loved one die in his/her arms, Lightning McQueen took almost the entire movie in the journey of changing. Every scene added up and you see him change bit by bit. There is a lot to be learned about writing character growth from Cars, and so far I have not seen any one of the character-driven stories that does it better than Cars. Not to mention the beautiful mid-West U.S. backdrop the story is set in. It ranks quite high up in my list.

Like everyone else, I would say Toy Story 3, Up, and Wall-E are the best of Pixar. Unlike everyone else, I absolutely hated The Incredibles. Something felt really off and I couldn't quite explain it back when i watched it. I guess it's how lived-in and vivid the worlds Pixar creates usually feel, when the world of The Incredibles is empty and bland (the isolated island and a largely lifeless city)... Everything revolved around the family and the world is mostly just there. Very disappointing.

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The Bads

14. Cars 2

11. Toy Story 2

10. Cars

The Mehs

9. Finding Nemo

8. Toy Story 3

7. Monster's Inc.

6. Ratatouille

5. Bug's Life

4. Up

The Sweets

3. Toy Story


1. The Incredibles

Haven't seen yetMonsters University or Brave yet

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1. The Incredibles, had a sweet soundtrack, great humour, a nice look, and an excellent story.

2. Finding Nemo, still enjoy watching it, particularly because I'm Australian.

3. Toy Story 1-3, I have really good memories of them, but haven't watched them in a while, so I can't really rank them.

4. WALL-E, a bit on the cheesy side of things, but great to watch, and a really interesting premise.

5. Monsters Inc. I liked it, the characters where good, once again an interesting premise.

I don't remember enough about the rest to rank them.