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@theskeep said:
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A passerby on the street was on the scene for the collarbone shattering incident and captured this footage on his phone. get well soon scoops!

(Search for "Kleppek Quest" in trials evolution to give it a go yourself, ps I am so sorry patrick)

So good! Had a great laugh at this!

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Here's a video of Patrick coming to Giant Bomb on his bike. Nice bike Patrick!

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That's how I'm always going to imagine Patrick riding his bike now... thank you!

Long live Dio! Long live Scoops!

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That's not a real video!

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This was awesome. Good work.

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This is officially the best community.

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Can someone confirm if this is fake or not?

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I mean, oh man, what a tragedy.

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What, no Garry's Mod?

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This is everything.

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Man, San Francisco roads are fucked

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You just need to play it drunk for it to be 100% accurate.

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Haha, nice.

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@coakroach said:

Man, San Francisco roads are fucked

Yeah, that's what happens when you spend all the pothole patching money on explosions instead.

ps: It's worth it.

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That was so CGI! Fake!