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All you comic experts, I'm looking for a nice Marvel comic that is relatively self-contained, and recent.

So basically, it includes the origin story of the superhero, and getting to grips with powers, fighting ordinary criminals, etc. I'm kinda not interested in teams and crossovers and such, just an average character finding out they have a power. Not interested in famous superheroes (i.e. Ultimate versions of Spider-Man, etc), but rather lesser known heroes.

I've already been recommended Runaways :-)

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It's not all that recent, but I highly recommend the Alias series. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are really cool characters, and it's a very interesting perspective on the Marvel universe that's mostly devoid of the capes and cowls.

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You absolutley have to read Rucka's Punisher run. It's fantastic, it gives enough of a back story to get a new guy into the know, and the art is amazing. Best of all, it is very current, and has a start and end (sort of). This run is what got me back into the Marvel universe after writing it off for so long.

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Thanks for the recommendations guys - I hear good stuff about both of those.

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Rucka's Punisher is awesome, not sure if you consider him too big but the current run on Daredevil has been really good and for the most part is self contained, however it is slightly more fantastic then what you were describing but it's still fairly down to earth and deals with some heavy issues. The current run on Hawkeye is also really well done, very down to earth(don't think he has fought even anyone with a power yet), it does demand some knowledge of Hawkeye's history prior to reading but it does a fairly good job of filling you in. Another comic which is really good and falls into your criteria is The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode, along with the sequel the Legend of Luthor Strode, however it isn't part of Marvel or any established universe. The Luthor Strode series is also incredibly violent and graphic so just a warning if you aren't into that kind of ultra violence you should shy away from it.

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Punisher Max with Garth Ennis writing it. All volumes are awesome. Actually, all the Punisher Max stuff is great.

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I enjoyed Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602. No where near as "epic" as Sandman but and interesting spin on the Marvel universe.

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Alias is fantastic. The Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev run on Daredevil was amazing as well, although neither of those is going to have character origins included in them. The Bendis/Maleev stuff is just raw craziness with an emotional sensibility that you rarely come across in comics. They really push that character far pretty far.

I'm not up on all the recent Marvel stuff, but I'd really recommend Invincible if you're looking for something superhero-ey with some great art and storytelling. (Same guy who made The Walking Dead.) It's not published by Marvel (it's an Image comic), but it has all the classic Marvel teen angst/superpowers manifesting themselves at an awkward time stuff going for it that you might like. Just don't read anything about it before you try the first couple of issues, as there's a pretty big twist around 20 issues in that is pretty crazy.

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Most of what I read these days is New 52 or Ultimate Comics. One because New 52 was the perfect jumping on point (rebooting the universe leaves me no reason not to) and the other because I've been reading Ultimate Marvel since it launched. Of Ultimate Comics I'd recommend X-Men. You say "no famous superheroes plz" and trust me, X-Men fits that criteria to a goddamn tee.

I know it's against the thread's guideline, but fuck it. Find Gail Simone's 36 issue run of Secret Six. It's just fantastic.

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It's relatively old, but New Mutants Demon Bear Saga is available in paperback. It's pretty good and the art is by Bill Sienkiewicz so it's a bit off the norm. Story by Chris Claremont. Back in the 90's the New Mutants were among my favorite heroes in Marvel because being teenagers, they were less professional than the Fantastic Four or Avengers and less dour than the X-Men. This story was pretty entertaining as it explored one of the characters ethnic heritage. It gets somewhat dark, too during the tale.

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Spiderman Brand New Day is pretty self contained from what I know.

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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but you might want to check out Marvels by Kurt Busiek with the art by Alex Ross. It sorta looks at the entire Marvel universe and it's famous characters from the perspective of a regular guy taking photographs of everything that happens. This makes it very down to earth and it's pretty unique because of it's perspective. The artwork is also fantastic and it's self contained so I think it would be worth checking out.

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Thankyou to everyone who has contributed so far.

I'm actually surprised there arn't more new superheroes with their own comics from the 'big two'.

I watched the trailer for Joss Whedon's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., saw J August Richards' character, who is just wearing some normal street clothes, jump out of a window to save someone - and I thought I would actually like to read a comic that got back to exploring what it means to be a superhero at the most basic archetypical level. I was reminded of the primal appeal of shows like Buffy and Angel, which explored the idea of having surreptitious power, and all the escapist scenarios that might entail (before the heavier aspects are introducted).

But half of Marvel's comics (my favourite universe of the two) don't include stuff like simple origin stories or fighting normal crime (rightly or wrongly) any more - rather they jump straight into the action - and often facing other super-powered enemies straight away. I have a hard time getting into that, without it being ramped up to that over time.

I tried getting into DC with the new 52 - one comic I had a go at, was Batwoman - but for a rebooted universe, I found that the comic started 'in actio' - Batman even turns up, so there is already a crossover going on with another superhero. Other comics have early issues where they are already facing off against some radioactive big-bad in early stories - something I expect from a end-of-level boss, not a mook-of-the-week. Maybe I should stick to TV and film.