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So yeah, bought Watchmen, From Hell, and V for Vendetta and looking for similar/horror-oriented novels.

30 Days of Night any good?

And no Frank Miller comics, please.

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Why no Frank Miller? Just curious since The Dark Knight Returns is among the greatest graphic novels of all time.

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Maus, it's really good. I think (correct me f I'm wrong) it's the only comic to ever win a Pulitzer?

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Just about everything the man touches nowadays is complete garbage and his past work is too overrated.

That, and he's a gigantic asshole.

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@SoloReX: Oh god, that's a great book, I almost forgot about it.

Which reminds me, if Blacksad were an e-book, I would totally grab it, but I have to buy the cumbersome hardcover. >:/

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@Grimmrobe: How have I not heard of this before? It's basically an homage to Maus, or? Definitely have to check this out, thank you.

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Get some of the best stories written by H.P. Lovecraft. Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Call of Cthulhu, Shadow over Innsmouth, Colour out of Space, Dagon... I could go on and on... You should actually be able to find these free online, as they are old enough to be free now. Ah, yes. Here they are.

Damn, I so want a proper movie adaption of Mountains of Madness. So good.

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@SoloReX: Actually the only thing they have in common are anthropomorphs. It's a film noir novel and the artwork is sublime. Must read.

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@jaqen: Ooh Lovecraft, where to start though?

And just so I can feel like I've contributed something, I will also suggest another comic: David Boring

It's a pretty out-there noirish gaphic novel with excellent artwork. The author has apparently described it as: "It's like Fassbinder meets half-baked Nabokov on Gilligan's Island." So yeah...

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30 days of night is , well , ok-ish , I have it and is a short comic and the artwork is not the greatest , I would actually recommend the sandman with yoshitaka amano´s illustrations (tho I dont know if its sold digitally , much less on kindles). I havent read much of Miller´s stuff outside SinCity ... Sincity is good. Oh yeah get Kabuki: Metamorphosis for a really unique comic book/ graphic novel. (again my knowledge of it bein digitally sold is null)

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Funny thing, I just tried looking up some kindle manga, and all I got were yaoi books. :/

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American Vampire by Scott Snyder is fantastic. Also recommending probably posting this question on Comic Vine's forums might get more responses then here.

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dunno if these are available: Maus, Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns, Kill Shakspeare are some of the books I've been reading. Also Chew and American Vampire.

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The Walking Dead...

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Congrats on the purchase! I was an original Kindle Fire user and I actually got $130 for my Fire on eBay the week before the HD came out so I effectively got the 7" HD for just $69!

I like reading The Walking Dead on mine.

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Ito Junji's Uzumaki and Gyo. Think Japanese weirdness filled Cronenberg body-horror. Mind-blowing!

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Not a graphic novel perse, but Planetary was an amazing comic. Try Comixology for a comic reading app.

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The Boys

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I dunno if Vertigo does digital, but if you can find any Hellblazer stories - "Dangerous Habits" specifically, if you've never read that series before.