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After the demise of Screened as I loved it, I found myself completely lost in the field of film blogs or websites. If you know some good ones, illuminate me please.

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I would recommend Spill.com, but don't send them gifts. Ever.

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@Little_Socrates said:

I would recommend Spill.com, but don't send them gifts. Ever.

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The IGN movies team is awesome, and their podcast is fantastic. 

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Been going there since '97 or so. It's more of a news site, though, they don't really do articles and videos like Screened used to.

I actually really miss Screened for that stuff.

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The IGN movies team is awesome, and their podcast is fantastic. 
Yep, been my go to site before Screened. Now it's my only movie site, really.
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FilmJunk.com along with the weekly podcast on itunes(also can listen right on the site)

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I was about to make a topic asking this very thing. Thanks for beating me to the punch. I've always liked Badass Digest, always avoided IGN because of the bad rap they get on the games end of things. May check them out now.

Still nothing will ever replace Rorie and Alex. God I miss Screened.

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Um depends what you want it for. I generally use IMDB for an approximate gauge. After watching the top 250 it just keeps recommending films, not sure how their algorithm works but its generally right on.

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Every time people talk about how shitty the new Screened is, it just makes me REALLY fucking miss Alex and Rorie over there. That place was fun, the video content was great and interesting, and the podcasts were good and inconsistently released.

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I write for this one, but that's not the reason you should go. They have a very unique ratings system that uses beers instead of stars, with more beers meaning a worse movie. Not a lot of blogging or editorials, but it's a fun one to visit regardless.

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@DrPockets000: is free?

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I tried spill.com and there's a little too much jive talking in their podcast for my taste.

Rorie himself recommended David Poland on Movie City News blog. No podcast though.

Also tried "Doug love Movies" podcast and it was a game show with celebrities or some kind.

It's tough out there, man. I feel you.

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worstpreviews.com is worth going to just to read the comments section. The whole community (especially around 5 regulars) are just complete cunts in every respect.

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@dalin88: uh...yeah?