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I am going to buy one of these fancy bottles for my ladyfriend, and I want to hear from you gallant gals n guys as to which one you choose (and presumably love). I know these things have been a used out in the wild for a little while now, so with a long term view on which ones are good would be much appreciated.

The following images illustrate the above models, I am only interested in the varieties above.

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I bought the Zojirushi SM-JA48SA 0.48-Lite from Amazon and like it a lot. Best vacuum flask I've had. I know it's not one of the above models but just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

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I'll recommend my Zojirushi rice maker

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I bought the Zojirushi SM-DA50BF 17-Ounce Clear Stainless Mug, Black which doesn't actually seem to be on Amazon anymore, but it's great and works as intended.

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I love you.

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Did you find them online for a good price? Last time I checked on amazon they were still a bit expensive.

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I have one similar to this one. But it has a deeper blue color. I bought it while I visited Tokyo, I don't think they sell them in Norway. I love my Zojirushi.