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So i just finished 3 years and got my bachelordegree in engineering, petrolium technology in Norway.

Now i want to take my masters degree in USA, cause i always wanted to go there. Anyone, can recommend some schools that they know off.

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Texas A&M

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Thanks, any more?

In retrospect, maybe this is the right place to ask something like this

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Stanford, University of Texas at Austin, or Texas A&M.   
As a Californian, I'm partially to Stanford. Stanford is near the bay and is great school. That said, I would think Texas knows a thing or two about oil. The only problem with going to Texas school is you have to live in Texas.  

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they actually have a masters program for petroleum engineering.
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Generally, Cornell University, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Carnegie Mellon University, California Institute of Technology.

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It's fun to study abroad. I live in Sweden and studied in Canada for a bit, but as I understand it Norway is among the best in the world at offshore drilling since it's such a huge part of the economy so the best education might be back home in Norway.

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I don't know specifically about oil, but Georgia Tech is one of the best engineering schools in the country. And it's a public school.

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Weird thing, but today my Ap Chemistry teacher said all engineers are crazy. As for schools, I have little interest in engineering so I can't help you.

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DO NOT GO TO TEXAS. That's all I will say. Stanford is a great option. It's about the only one I know of, not being an engineering buff myself, and only know that would be a good choice because of a friend with similar interests.

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MIT. I'm a ChemE undergrad alum, and I enjoyed my time there. Also, ignore Mordean, Texas A&M is a fine school. So is Georgia Tech, Stanford, Caltech, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin. I could list more, but...I like MIT.

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I guess I should also mention the school I attend. Again, I have no idea whether it dabbles into your particular branch of engineering, but you seem like somebody who is taking this seriously and wants to explore all of his options.

I go to the University of Central Florida located in Orlando, Florida. It's a great engineering school (though that's not what I'm doing here) and the location offers a lot. Many of the kids here get internships with places like Disney and Universal and actually got to build one of the roller coasters in Disney World. That's a pretty impressive thing to put on a resume and Orlando has lots of other internship opportunities available. Again, I'm not sure how it pertains to your field, but you should really look into it.