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this is really hard, but I'm going to have go with "Under the Bridge", because of the final bassline. 
amazing bassline

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I don't really know why, but I really like "Hard to Concentrate" from Stadium Arcadium.

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My Friends and Sir Psycho Sexy

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The Power of Equality.

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Can't Stop

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Scar Tissue.
First CD I ever bought.

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good bass on that one too
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My friends

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Wet Sand from Stadium Arcadium (Jupiter I think)

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Soul to Squeeze.

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  Loved this whole album. Their funkiest album by far
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@GeekDown said:
" Soul to Squeeze. "
Unequivocally my favorite. Such a great riff and beat.
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@smileybomber said:
" @EVO: good bass on that one too "
You are better off finding a bad bass line in a RHCP song, they are much more rare amongst their library.  
It is hard to pick one favorite song, Power of Equality, Savior, and Can't Stop are up there though. 
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Breaking the Girl from Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

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Can't Stop. 
I'm also fond of Parallel Universe and 21st Century.

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I'm not really into them. 'Higher Ground' is OK, I guess.

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Soul to Squeeze or I should have lied.

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Around the World.

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Probably "By The Way."

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I'm gonna go with "Other Side".

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Wet Sand is pretty sweet

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I have to say, I'm shocked and appaulled that RHCPfan hasn't chimed in yet...
Anywho, I'd have to go with either Apache Rose Peacock or Soul To Squeeze. Although I kind of have a soft spot for Cabron, at least for novelty value.

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Favorite old song

Favorite new song
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What ever happened to RHCPfan24.....

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Don't Forget Me is a real solid track.

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Looks like "Soul to Squeeze" has already been said. My second would be "Snow"
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Universally Speaking from By The Way.

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 Love the intro on this.  The rest of it isn't bad either.

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While it's maybe not my favourite favourite, I still love it and I'm too tired to pin a real one down. Plus this is honestly the first song that came to mind as soon as I read the question.