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I would like to publish some stories on GiantBomb however these stories will be released in episodes over several weeks. Does GiantBomb have the tools to allow me to insert each successive episode of a particular story, directly after the preceding episode, thus allowing anyone reading my story; to read them without being interrupted by comments?

Comments would appear as usual but each time an episode is inserted; every comment would get knocked down one place.

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You can maybe edit your previous posts and add new posts to them so they are all in the same place if that's what you want to do.

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Dude, don't do it on GB. People are much more awesome on Comic Vine for that kind of stuff, and you don't even need a new account!

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Stories about the Bombcrew are always appreciated on GB. The more macabre the better.

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Unless this is going to be some Giant Bomb erotic fanfic, I'm not interested.