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I made a thing of Maruchan ramen and saw a pot full of rice on the stove. I then thought to myself what was better. Rice or noodles?

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The Vietnamese place near me lets me choose between rice bowls or noodle bowls -- I always choose noodles.

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depends on the dish I'm having.

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@underworld2086 said:

depends on the dish I'm having.

This is true. However, I find noodles to be more versatile, plus I prefer the flavour.

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Noddles brah. You can make a spread like you're in prison... those were the days.

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Rice for me but i eat noodles far more often as i like my rice fried and that takes way more effort then just microwaving some ramen.

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=/ I have to flip a coin. I love both.

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Rice, but noodles are good with me too.

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i'm good with either one. it depends on the meal, really

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Noodles! Rice is fine for some dishes, but I'm not really fond of it.

Noodles on the other hand, is just awesome all the time.

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Rice on noodles! BOOM!

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But good ones, if I'm not mistaken you cannot really compare general American noodles to something you usually get in Germany or Italy for example? Not sure though, but that was always my impression.

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Noodles because they're like spaghetti that isn't shit.

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Depends on the quality of either. My wife only had minute rice before she and I met, and she was blown away by the higher quality rice that I eat having not really liked rice before that. I really love both though.

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Noodles man. I can't have my Ramen without them!

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noodles all the way!

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Why choose?
Why choose?
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I vote vermicelli, rice noodles biatch.

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Love both.

Depends on what i am eating. Just Rice or Just noodles? Rice with beef/chicken? Noodles with beef/chicken? One of those with veggies and meat? Just veggies? Just plain?I don't care for that packaged ramen bullshit so i guess i have to go with Rice because i can eat it steamed, fried, mexican style with nothing and i love Rice Roni/Rice Roni express.

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If I had to choose just one, Noodles.

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Depends on my mood

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But that's not saying Rice is bad or anything. They're pretty even.

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@NaDannMaGoGo said:


But good ones, if I'm not mistaken you cannot really compare general American noodles to something you usually get in Germany or Italy for example? Not sure though, but that was always my impression.

Barilla is one of the most popular pasta brands in the US and it's probably Italy's #1 selling pasta (if not, it's top 3 - I've never actually run the numbers, ha). So, I'd say we're almost equal in terms of mass market, though there are some generic/store brands that aren't very good.

And I say noodles, though rice has it's place.

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I vote for Noodles

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I like both, but I like fried rice better than noodles.

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I don't find them interchangeable, at all.

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Rice for sure!

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I love noodles, but brown rice has become a staple with me. I finally can eat brown rice, and yes it's the best thing for you. especially with some wild rice which I understand isn't a rice at all...

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Like others, I enjoy both but would have to go noodles in general. I find them not only a bit more versatile, but also easier to be versatile with, if that makes sense. Though in the OPs situation, I'd take the rice over packaged ramen. Ultimately, I'd agree with the dude above and say rice noodles are the absolute best. Mei Fun... yummy.

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This is really close. Who will win? Noodles or Rice? Only time can tell.

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Rice noodles.