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Hey guys. Bit of a sad time for me, my pet cat Meow (yeah, I know, my sister named him) died recently due to old age. He's the only pet I've ever had and I didn't think I'd be as upset as I am. I know it sounds dumb, but I'll miss hearing his bell jingle throughout the house. Picture is him :(

Anyway, i don't want this to be some shitty melodramatic thing, so I thought discussing pets in general and good times you've had with them would cheer me up. Any stories to share? Will the first pet you owned always be the best? What was it called?
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Sorry, bro. I have a cat that's four and I couldn't even imagine anything happening to her. Our old cat (kind of, we sort of stole him from the neighbors because they treated him like crap, but didnt take him when they moved out) was hit by a car.

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Sabre, my first pet, is still going strong. (I've only had him for less than two years mind.) He's one of the best things to ever happen in my life. 
Whenever I come home from school he's always waiting by the door for me to come in so that he can jump up at me and let me know how happy is that I'm finally home. It's just one of the many examples of why I love Sabre so much. 
I'm sorry to hear about Meow man but you seem like a decent enough guy, so he must have lead a good life.

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I had a German Shepard named Rambo.  And guess what, his dad's name was Rocky.  If I ever get another Shep, I'll name it Spartan.

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huh, 7 years old dosent seem that old for a cat. Anyway, sorry to hear. While my cat does annoy me alot, I still wuvs him.
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We have a cat that lives outside our house (the people that lived in the house before us abandoned it here) and we call it D.C., which stands for Damn Cat.

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Yeah, our family cat (and first pet) died two years ago or so.  I was actually really sad to the point of crying when I had come home and my mom told me they had to put him down, although the signs were there since he had been sick the weeks leading up to it.
We have our family dog, a husky, and he is awesome, but to be honest I've always been more of a cat person.  I used to love laying in bed watching TV and our cat (originally named Buster, after a while we just resorted to calling him Kitty...) would jump up on my lap and lay there, letting me pet him. 

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@Miniman: I remember losing my first cat. It hurts, i know :( sorry for your loss bro. 
Remember him and he'll never truely die =)
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i know how you feel, you'll get over it soon. im used to our pets dying or running away, it sucks...

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Condolences matey - i had my first pet die last year, a male cat called Jessy, but wed had that cat for 19 years, he was one of a pair and the second cat is also losing a lot of weight and doing 'old cat stuff' that kind of indicates she's on the way out. 
Im kind of saddened by the fact that she may not be around much longer, but at the same time i know that shes had a really long and happy life with us - i mean shes still here right? considering we've moved around the world every 2 years due to my dad being in the forces.  
I totally get what you mean by sadness with him though, like i literally could not remember a day in which i had not seen Jessy - and when we took him to get put to sleep (he was drowning in his own lungs) and as i sat and stroked him i totally knew it was the right thing to do, poor bastard couldnt move, couldnt even meow, but i am not afraid to admit that i fucking cried my eyes out for days upon days for him, it's strange how something as simple as an animal that you see regularly can effect you that way- it aint an exaggeration when i say i've actually had friends and acquaintances die that i've felt less saddened by then when jessy went - and no doubt when Jady goes as well i will be similarly crushed. 
The one thing you can keep solace is that if the cat was with you til the end, then you were doing right by them - cats choose their owners not the other way round, I know for a fact there were many times i absolutely cursed Jessy so damn hard - like the time he brought a live rabbit in through my bedroom window when me and the mrs were getting intimate, don;t think my neighbours will ever forget the image of me running bollock naked with a semi erection holding a mangled rabbit in one hand, and a pillow trying to cover my modesty! 
Or the time that my grandam came to visit  - shes an evil old manipulative bitch - but shes family , and she despised Jessy, one time she sat straight level with him and lowered her face to him, calling him an evil bastard and devil cat - He latched onto her face so fast and started kicking with his back legs so hard we were all to busy crying with laughter to even try to help. 
And those are the things that help - however little - when they go, the things you'll always remember them for, be them faults of favours. 
I cant find a decent picture of Jessy anywhere - all i have is this one of him from behind watching me play counter strike source - dude would literally sit for hours and watch xD 

And as for my other cat? i'll miss my jady-baby when she's gone, but i'll always remember her basically eating anything, her strange cheese and spaghetti fetish, her habit of sitting on my chest in bed and stealing crisps out my bag while i eat - and i shall cry just as hard, but god damn im glad to have had these awesome pets, my life wouldve been lesser without em :- Jady 

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Sorry to hear about your cat dude. My old cat was killed after a lunatic chased her up off the street in his car into our yard so I know how you feel. My mum was the only one home at the time and didn't get the plate number.

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That is the circle of life, and it's painful...but know that I share your pain.

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awww it's sad to lose a pet. i've gone through 2 cats already. they last a while.

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I hate it when pets die........

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Yeah, when i was age nine or ten i had a tom(cat) named Tommy (after Tom and Jerry). I didn't knew back then that it actualle means 'male cat', but that aside. He was still a kitten when i got him; so cute and brittle and yet quite belligerent. He was predominantly black with only a left white 'sock' and a white 'jabot', so adorable. I loved him dearly for a few months(!), then disaster struck... He got run over by a car. He didn't even reach his first year (he was ten/eleven months). We all were very emotional about it. You grow so attached to these creatures, it can almost hurt as much as losing a beloved family member or friend. We never had a cat again (or any other pet) ever since. I don't even have a picture of him...
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Oh, that makes more since then. Yeah, cats seem to live pretty long comapred to, say, dogs. Although it really depends on the size of the dog. Large dogs dont tend to live as long as small does. I know we had a Half springer spaniel mutt, and he had to be like well over 20 years before he died.
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:(. My dog that I had for 16(I think) years died a little while ago.

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@Miniman said:
"Hey guys. Bit of a sad time for me, my pet cat Meow (yeah, I know, my sister named him) died recently due to old age. I know it sounds dumb, but I'll miss hearing his bell jingle throughout the house."

This can be solved easily by just taking his bell and attaching it to your sister.
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7 isn't really that old. Depending on your definition (well, not YOUR definition, since I'm yelling at it), that's actually middle-aged. Still sucks, though.

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@Miniman said:
" @Raven_Sword said:
" huh, 7 years old dosent seem that old for a cat. "
2003-2010 was just the years that I had him, I got it in 2003 off a friend who was moving away and couldn't continue looking after it. He was around 16-17 years old when he died : ( "
@Video_Game_King said:
" 7 isn't really that old. Depending on your definition (well, not YOUR definition, since I'm yelling at it), that's actually middle-aged. Still sucks, though. "
There ya go.
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The earliest pet I remember was Snoopy. He was a pretty cool dog, but when I got my own place there came many more. R.I.P. Miss Jung, Sigmund, Jules and Genie... all dogs. Two died of old age, two from cancer. I now have two dogs, Donovan and Skinner and one cat, Princess. I like having pets, might get another dog in June.
Sorry for your loss.