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Fellowship carries all the weight. Towers shoots itself in the leg. Return has to limp its way to the finish line.

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What is RotK?

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What is RotK?

Return of the king?
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@NekuSakuraba: Oh, thanks.

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Not the best literary analysis I've ever read. Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

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@MrRedwine said:

Not the best literary analysis I've ever read. Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

It is up there. Still not as good as the work of 'CODFAN42521'

"retuyrn of the king was fucken gay"

While he may have been very controversial, I appreciate his ferocity when tackling the work of Tolkien.

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While i agree that Fellowship is both the best book and film. The others are not limp. Also Stop trolling Fool.

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That's not much of a haiku.

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You're wrong because eagles.

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While the troll-detector has sussed your game (green user-name, low post-count, controversial/flame-baiting topic ago-go), I agree at least partially.

Fellowship is the best, though the other two are hardly terrible any stretch of the imagination.

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I've done it! My time machine works! PS2 and Lord of Rings troll threads!

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Just a bunch of people. Walking.

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I'd probably love it if I watched it now, what with my appreciation for the Elder Scrolls games and whatnot, but I remember falling asleep in that theatre several times.

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Now if only we had a website about movies...