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So I'm watching "The King of Kong : A Fistful of Quarters". Which is f'ing ridiculous, and which everybody should watch. A movie about the Donkey kong world record and Billy Mitchell. Then at one point, California Extreme is mentioned, and just super short and barley noticeable, they show a clip from the place.

Skip to 0:28:28 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwtY0CjPJh8)

Sooo... Am I just seeing things, or dose that look a lot like Ryan playing at a cabinet. bend over, in a blue shirt, in the baground.

Anyways, awesome and ridiculous movie, so if nothing else, then this might make peopel who haven't watched it by now, more aware of it

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That's totally the Ryan Davis shirt and the Ryan Davis cargo shorts but that is not Ryan Davis.

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It's a member of Ryans cult, but no that's not Ryan. The body type does not match.

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Forget that dude who looks nothing like Ryan, King of King is on YouTube?!

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Not at all.

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I played on the cabinet they set some of the records on. And yes everyone needs to watch this documentary!

I say for the giggies we just agree it is him. It would make that scene sweeter.

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It's a little know fact, but Ryan is actually Billy Mitchell in a fat suit.