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Original: So, last month, Samsung had their Galaxy S IV event. ~ Well, now BGR is reporting that they are soon to unveil two Mega-branded smart phones. One for 5.8 inches, and the other 6.3. And since these are Galaxy branded, these might not have Note-packaging, so probably no stylus.

A couple of months ago, supposedly they were to have a Note-III sized at 6.3 inches, so if they changed that project over to this thing, or shit, if this is a separate 6.3 device-thing, then.. Well I guess its gonna be even more awkward silence in bus-rides and checkout lines.

BGR: Samsung reportedly working on two giant new ‘Galaxy Mega’ smartphones

So, what up Bombadeers? If you do use a Galaxy-S thing, would you jump on either of these device sizes? Also, you do know that the Galaxy S IV device, got unveiled as a 5-inch device, also rumored to maybe cost $250 for a 16GB version, right?. Shit, that's kinda as much as a console..

Updated: PhoneDog has an article, that these are actually like mid range phones to be priced below the Galaxy S IV price. They're just huge is all..

Good news this morning for people that love big phones, as Samsung has officially taken the wraps off of some of the largest smartphones that we've seen to date. Both the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 have been confirmed by Samsung..

  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8: 5.8-inch qHD (960x540) LCD display, 1.4GHz dual-core processor.. 1.5GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3: 6.3-inch "HD" LCD display, 1.7GHz dual-core processor.. 1.5GB RAM

PhoneDog: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 official, Android 4.2 included

That shit embeds huge too.. I also noticed that thse two phones are even bigger than the 5.5 inch Note II. So. Mm. If we've already been so annoyed with huge phones now, then I guess we're even more fucked now..

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also rumored to maybe cost $250 for a 16GB version, right?

Is that off contract? You do know the iPhone cost $700 right?

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No. If I didn't have a tablet I may have considered one, but even the 4.8 Galaxy SIII screen can be a tiny bit too much, as much as I like it I will admit I do have to stretch my thumb to pull down notifications.

Not really interested in a phone bigger than the S3 screen.

and phones have been costing more than consoles for a long time. The S3 launched at £400-500 and the iPhones have always been £400-500 on launch too. Of course that's buying the phone outright as opposed to a contract plan, in which case you usually get the phone for free or a small fee.

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God that's insane! I already think the iPhone 5's screen is much too large as it is. I like the old iPhone screen size the most

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Megaphones have been around for a while, bro...

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I buy a new phone once every 5 years. IMO anyone who keeps up with phone technology is a sucker because they blatantly annualize their releases to keep you paying. Nothing since the Sony Ericsson C902 impressed me until the Galaxy S3, and nothing will top the S3 for me for a few years. Too bad the S3 is my brother's and I've yet to buy one, but I'm impressed nonetheless!

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I have a S3, I could not possibly imagine ever wanting a bigger screen than that.

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I hate phablets almost as much as I hate the word "phablets".

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I have a Note 2 and really like it, but that might be because I don't have a tablet. Even so 6.3 just seems to big. What happened to phones getting smaller?

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I'm happy with my Note 2 at the moment. I don't think I'll jump to a new phone anytime soon, at least for 2 years.

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@sweep said:

I hate phablets almost as much as I hate the word "phablets".

Might literally be the worst portmanteau I've ever heard.

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Who's buying these?! Does anybody here buy these?..

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They're way too large to be comfortable to use and they engulf your face when you call. No thanks.

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Finally, a phone bigger than my dick.

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Finally, a phone bigger than my dick.

I'm with ya, buddy.

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Finally, a phone bigger than my dick.

The time has come and so have I.