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Is it time for Santa hats yet?

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i don't think it would be out of place. it's December and it's snowing here, so it's an appropriate time!

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Read the Giant Bomb terms of service. Any user without a Santa hat on their avatar by December 5th is banned.

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I'm already wearing my single-pixel purple santa hat!

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It's December so it's okay now. Santa-up.

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Already Santa hat'ed!

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There's been a major snowstorm going on here all weekend
Fuuka is wearing a santa hat

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Okay cool, can anyone put a hat on Fuuka for me? Thanks in advance.

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You late, motherfucker!

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@SmasheControllers: Super-deformed water-color Fuuka freaks me out, man.

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@TooWalrus: lol, I found this image on google after searching P4A images.

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Oh man thanks for reminding me!

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My usual avatar doesn't really lend itself to hatting, so K.K. had to get a little cold.

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Sure why not. In lieu of the usual santa hat Grit I just switched him for Olaf. He doesnt really need a hat.

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It's December, so yes. Everyone who's done it before today is a spy for the Communist Robots.

Santabama has socialized Christmas. Also, he's fucking pimp.
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I tried, but it just looks goofy on Holo because my Photoshop skills are terrible and I wanted to use this image particularly.

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@Phatmac: Tsukihi will object you regardless of anything.

Armed and ready to go.

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I genuinely thought my avatar couldn't get any cuter.

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@Colourful_Hippie: Thanks, it looks super dumb, but it works.

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@Colourful_Hippie said:


Yep! Already a topic about this.