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Hi fellow giantbombers :-D 
i need your help...im entering a science fair in ireland called the bt young scientist (http://www.btyoungscientist.ie/ ) 
 any way where i need your help is could you fill out a small survey i put up on my website :-) (you can make up a email if you want ) 
heres the link to the survey 
thank you very much :-D 

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and done!

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thank you very much :-) 

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I noticed a slight flaw with the the operating system question. Not every Apple computer has Leopard. Some of them have Tiger (10.4), Snow Leopard (10.6), or one of the Developer Builds of Lion (10.7). You might want to edit it so it says "Mac OS X", because any Apple computer that doesn't have it nowadays is a rarity. Still, survey done and good luck!

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@xMP44x: thank you...doing that now :-)
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I did it even I usually close anything with that many emoticons. If you are trying to do a research and want it to be at least a bit serious, you should not use those. It's a plague, there is a time and space for it, but I am starting to see this everywhere nowadays and I don't support it. Good luck.

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I filled out the whole thing but my disgust at your un-professionalism prevented me from hitting submit.

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@Quipido:  i know what you mean...but its what they want to see, lots of research and thank you :-)
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@Akrid: i am 18 :-) and i am dyslexic  but thanks you at least looking at it :-)