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This is my favorite character in League of Legends, Secret Agent Miss Fortune :D Drew this when i was bored at work, hope you like <33

I decided to play around with Photoshop for the first time and came up with this. I know it's not going to win any awards, I'm still figuring the program out.

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It looks really good. Nice work.

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WOWZORZ!!! Amazing work from you again, Just as I have grown to expect!

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That pic is great, League of Legends is great, everything is just...great.

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Fantastic bit of work there!

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@LadyAensland: Do you have a deviantART page?

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Well done, you keep putting great work. I'm kinda jealous since I suck at drawing n' stuff :P

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I decided to test out Photoshop for the first time and I put up my practice image in case anyone is interested. The program is awesome and I can't wait to get good with it!

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I feel like you'd make a pretty dope tattoo artist...Ever give it any thought?

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Yeah that is actually what I really want to do as a career. I have a few things holding me back from pursuing it right now, but I'm very flattered that you noticed!

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She's certainly got it where it counts.

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You should post this on the lol forums gotta spread the awesomeness, great work.

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@monster9999: Great idea. I'm doing that right now.

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the shopped one looks awesome. so glad i have you followed.

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i would

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I do wish I had that skin for her. Instead, I'm getting Hextech Galio. After that, I'll force my friends to play a robot team consisting of Hextech Galio, Hextech Anivia, Nunu-bot and.. well the rest I haven't figured out yet.

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@Azteck: I wish i had that skin too :( shes soo badass >.<

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I still don't own MF. = /

The picture is great, though. Miss Fortune: the default mascot for sweet rockin' tits in League of Legends.

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Looks really nice.

Wish I could draw like that..