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One that just popped into my head just now is "Gods are placeholders for the truth."

I like it.

Do you have any self-made quotes/mantras? Share them.

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Do good things.

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Be excellent to each other.

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"Punish the offense, pity the offender."

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I'm not wealthy/famous enough to be quote worthy. I'll come back if that changes.

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@Canteu said:

Be excellent to each other.

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"My false ways usually gets the best of me"

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Calgon, take me awaaaaay!

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never eat anything that smells off

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You are nothing.

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Never forget that you are to your friends what they are to you, support characters in your life's story.

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Don't fuck up.

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Words win wars.

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And then I have max golds and all the items.

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It's not really a mantra but the way I see things; It's your fault for getting offended. So don't otherwise you've already lost.

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" if i do this i lose" Helped me a lot when i was on my diet. I kept saying that when i was about to eat some unhealthy stuff.

Still do actually

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Mantra of Evasion, with the rune that makes an explosion for every succesful dodge.

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"The worst critique an artist can obtain is silence."