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I can't show myself to the public without doing my hair. It's a curse.

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I eat. Not much point in going to work/school if my body doesn't have the means to sustain itself. Brushing my hair comes as a close second, but that can easily be handled during the commute.

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Take a shower and then grab some extra minty gum until I can get my teeth brushed. Screw eating. Screw shaving. Screw coffee.

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Take a shower and use mouth wash for a quick fresh clean. Nothing is more important than not smelling like shit.

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I brush my teeth.

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Shower, lather the body and as its rinsing off do a quick face shave. After, take a swig of mouthwash as you're drying yourself. Spit, shoes, and scram only to realize you're gonna be late anyway because of traffic.
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Not even a hard choice:  Shower. I don't like not brushing my teeth but I can always eating some mints or use some mouth wash in a pinch. I have a beard so shaving is never necessary I do keep it short but I can get a away for a few days with out trimming it up anyway. I never brush my hair anyway either I just let it dry out of the shower and that's how it goes for the rest of the day and it looks fine. I work in a business that has a cafe in it so I can get much better coffee and food from work then I can get at home anyway.

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I shower the night before.
So, I'll brush my teeth before going to work  :)

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You can brush your teeth while in the shower and the rest you can grab on the go or at work. 

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Cologne bath and some gum will take care of the smells.  I only shave once a week, so shaving isn't a big deal.

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Brush my teeth.

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Quick shower then brush my teeth on the way out and keep my Touthbrush and toothpaste in my bag.

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@StaticFalconar said:
" You can brush your teeth while in the shower and the rest you can grab on the go or at work.  "
The rules are meant to be followed!
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You could brush your teeth in the shower. I think I've heard of people doing this. Also, my hair looks better after it's been slept on so I guess I'm lucky.

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I shower before I go to bed, so I'd grab something quick to eat. 

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Shower ain't all that and people have invented coffee machines, deodorant and peppermints for a reason innit?

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@zyn said:
" I shower the night before.  So, I'll brush my teeth before going to work  :) "
I know plenty of people that do the same thing. But I shower when I get up in the morning while getting ready, after I get home to rid myself of work smells and sometimes if I go out or do things around the house all afternoon before going to bed I'll have another one. Anything less then that and I feel like an animal.
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Turn on the kettle whilst the shower is heating up, Brush my teeth whilst in the shower, slick hair back and then swipe it forward whilst hair is wet to get it looking right, grab a cup of coffee in a disposable cup and a nutrition bar, eat and drink whilst driving to work,  
I am a thinking man motherfucker!  

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When I was working for Disney, your physical appearance was always important in order to be "Show Appropriate." Therefore shaving would be my top priority. My hair is always short so I don't have to worry about that. All those other things I can do without, but if I hadn't shaved, they wouldn't let me work. That would ruin the look.

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@foggel said:
" @StaticFalconar said:
" You can brush your teeth while in the shower and the rest you can grab on the go or at work.  "
The rules are meant to be followed! "
this is not the sims
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@StaticFalconar said:

" @foggel said:

" @StaticFalconar said:
" You can brush your teeth while in the shower and the rest you can grab on the go or at work.  "
The rules are meant to be followed! "
this is not the sims "
awesome comeback 
And really the only time that it could be used 
this is not the sims 
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I shower at night,like a ninja,so i eat in the morning :)

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Brush your tooths!  No one likes to be around someone that smells as if they swallowed a skunk wrapped in a turd.

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Shower, grab a mint or gum as I hurry out the door. I look like a greaseball if I don't shower. Also, my facial hair doesn't grow particularly quickly, so missing a day of shaving isn't really an issue.
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I'd eat. I more or less sleepwalk through the day if I miss breakfast. 

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Shower and brush teeth. Do not smell like shit if you go outside your house.

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I don't work in the mines, so not showering for once is okay. 
I pretty much shave every day, a little beard stubble is kinda charming. 
Brushing your teeth is important, but, as some stated before, it can wait. camouflage unpleasant mouth odors with some some mints, take your toothbrush and toothpaste along and seek out a moment you can brush your teeth later.  
Food can wait, I take some candies to get some sugar into my system.
I don't need coffee to function. 
So yeah, do my hair it is.
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I brush my teeth in the shower, so that's included for me, I also do my hair while I dry myself off. Gotta be more time efficient. 

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I'm surprised "Take a shit" isn't on the list, but I guess I'd go with the teeth-brushing out of these choices.

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My job involves running a weedwacker all day, and we often work through lunch, so I would definitely eat. Also, I put my hair up anyway, and an hour in I would smell like grass and gasoline so a shower is not a high priority. 

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For me, taking a shower and doing my hair can be done at the same time. I'll also check twitter. If I'm a couple minutes late I can just speed up my walk to save time. If I'm more than a little late then taking my time to do my regular routine won't hurt.

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Teeth brushing, absolutely.

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None of the above; I get 15 more minutes of sleep.  I can't believe I woke up so early, lol.

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Who the fuck brings a toothbrush to work? Just get yourself together and come in late. No point in going in half-cocked.
Oh and:

@punkxblaze said:

" Masturbate. "

this too.
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H. Take big morning dump.

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I would take a shit.

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Ill either take a bath or a quick bite when im late.

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I take a shower and shave the night before so I don't have to freak when this does happen. I have long hair so I really do look like a hobo if I don't do something with it.

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Seems like most people I've known through work would take their own option of just calling off work altogether or coming in hours late.

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Quick shower, I can deal with not eating or grabbing something to drink in the morning. I do that all the time, probably not healthy. Oh, and I guess I might be cheating if I can fix my hair right when I get out of the quick shower.

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I would shower because there is gum for the breath, I shave almost everyday and a one day stubble isn't bad, my hair is so short it doesn't need any doing and I can eat and drink my coffee during break. :)
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I voted on B when I really meant A. As far as brushing your teeth, your breath still doesn't smell great if you have nothing on your stomach (due to the digestive fluids acting up), so at least you can smell better via shower.

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Shower! I hate going out not feeling clean. Can just take my toothbrush and paste with me since I probably wouldn't have time to stop at a shop!

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Brush my teeth in the shower! Booya!

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Shower and brush your teeth in the shower. Easy answer.

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this is pretty much everyday, and the thing i choose varies.

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Shower. I smell like crap and my hair is all over the place if I don't. That and I have trained myself to only need one meal a day in college.