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Hey Giant Bombers. I'm a huge fan of fantasy and RPGs. I can only get one game every few months and Dark Souls has been recently weighing on my mind. What do you guys think. Should I pick up Dark Souls or something a little easier like Darksiders. Ill be playing on the 360.

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I think you should get something easier like Demon's Souls

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Maybe you could rent them to check them out? They're both fantastic games! For me, Dark Souls is bar far the better game. But a lot of people don't get on with it. Some people just plain hate it but I also know friends who've bought it and said "yeah it's really good" but just never played it beyond the opening areas. Darksiders 2 is really good, you can't go wrong with it. But, if you like it and really get into it, you might just adore Dark Souls. Dark Souls is available for around £25 pre-owned in the UK now, so maybe you can spend a couple of quids on a rental first just to be sure.

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I don't mind the difficulty. That's why its stuck in my head.

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Dark Souls is a good game longevity-wise. I mean I love it for everything else as well, but it's great for someone that only plays one game for a long time.

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You should be able to get it for a descent price now. It is a hard game, but also a satisfying one. I recommend not to read any builds or guide. It is an "old" game in mechanics, you need to figure out how to get pass certain passageways and beat certain bosses on your own.

Only refer to guides and YouTube videos when you are about tO tear out your hair.

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@Panpipe I need a good long game.

Anyone have an idea on how much you can squeeze out of Darksiders?
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@brophdog like all of the achievements?
About 12 hours to finish, 18 to get everything if you use a guide.
Darksiders 2 is a lot longer, 24 hours to finish.
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I'm worried Darksiders is too hack and slashey. The technical and positioning parts of the little I've seen of Dark Souls seem cool and challenging.

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@brophdog: Sounds like you should get Dark Souls if you're interested in that kind of combat. Do it, dude! Darksiders 2 has pretty awesome combat, but it is very hack and slash,

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If you're looking for good long game, Dark Souls should definitely be the choice. I Spent 80 hours on my first playthrough, and there is planty of things left to do, like PVP or Nwe character build that force you to completly change your playstyle.

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I say go for it. I've been slowly working on Dark Souls on and off for months now, picking it up from time to time and playing a bit more. It's a great "slow burn" game, and if you really want to be obsessive and go for all the achievements (I'm not, but hey) it's apparently 200-300 hours of game.

Also, enough people are still playing that (if you play on-line) the multiplayer bits are still good. There are still messages, invasions, people to invade, all that...

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Just get Dark Souls

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Sounds like Dark Souls is the way to go. Can't wait.

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Just a little bit of advice: be gentle (I mean to your controllers, keyboard, mouse or whatever you use to play the game). I've lost millions of souls and humanities simply because of a silly misstep (and more than once I must add). Otherwise, go for it. It's the kind of game that you only see once every couple of years.

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Yes, you should.

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@Little_Socrates said:

Yes, you should.

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Well, it is my favorite game of this generation, so yes, I think you should.

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If it looks interesting to you, go for it. Demon's souls is only around $20 now, so not like it's a big loss if you hate it. Don't spend too much time thinking or reading about it, because you never really know if you don't try it for yourself and the more you read about it the more your expectations will sway to one direction or the other and the game will ultimately be disappointing to you.

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I've put 500+ hours into Dark Souls, so yeah. It's got a big, juicy back-end on it. Asylum Demon style.

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So many people who just hit up online wikis to make it easier anyway.

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I take it you've already played Skyrim right?

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@brophdog: When people ask me this question my first response is always "Do you like Dungeons and Dragons?" The reason I ask this first is because Dark Souls is in my opinion the closest a video game has gotten to that table top game. My rational for that is in Dark Souls regardless of your level ANYTHING can take you out if you screw up the "encounter" and to me that's its greatest strength.

Dark souls is not as hard a most people make it out to be. Given how many references there are out there it is easy to figure out how the games various systems work, however I will admit the game can be punishing at times but its never unfair.

Lastly here is my favorite Dark Souls story. After playing the game for a few hours and killing the first two major bosses a new area opened up. In my head I was felling like I could take on anything at that point, so I ventured into the new area. With my first steps in I triggered a trap that hit my char in the face with three arrows, then two guards game down and proceeded to beat the holy hell out of me. It was as if the was saying "know your place".

That is Dark Souls, and you should play it.

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Absolutely, it's a great game.

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This reminds me that I should play Dark Souls too. Someday...

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If you have the patience, endurance and determination to be fucked roughly over and over again and keep repeating levels until you learn the patterns, sure.

If you love yourself and want quality entertainment, hell no!

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I've put like 350 hours into it so I'm going to say yes.

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Yup, get it. As long as you are fine with trial and error, you should have fun.

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Well I'm a huge D and D nerd so yeah. Ill be picking it up Friday. Ill post my build if I have time.

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Yes, buy it.

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I need to get this one, but I have so many games I want to buy, and still havent gotten a single one (I pre-ordered FIFA 13, so I finally bought something i guess)

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Yes. Yes. A million times yes. Buy it. Now.

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Well I put a weekend into the game and got my spear wielding sorceress up to level 22. I love this game. Its very frustrating and I feel lost 50 percent of the time but in a good way. I'm excited to figure out where I need to go next.