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Just wondering what your guys' opinions are on the DH position in American League baseball. It just seems to me that it's more exciting both as player as well as a fan to have the pitchers actually go head-to-head in games, and not just have someone as a stand-in when it's their turn to bat. In the National League, managers have a bigger role to play in juggling what to do with their pitcher in the lineup.. in the AL, managers just let their DH do their job.

What do you guys think?

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It would probably make sense to get rid of the DH, but I don't really mind it since it's always been there since I have been alive. Although I do think that it's turned into a position for players who hit home runs but can't field to save their lives (i.e. Adam Dunn)

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No, hitting can really destroy your arms especially hitting a 90mph fastball. Pitchers need to keep their strength for you know, pitching.

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Pitchers are fragile and should not be concerned with hitting. They're pitchers.

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No. Pitchers should not potentially fuck up their throwing game by having to bat.

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Having the pitcher bat is needless in my opinion. It breaks up the offensive flow of the line-up when you have a guy who hits .150 at the bottom who will in all likelihood bunt if there is a man on. I would much rather see a good hitter in his place. This is especially true now in the age of the pitcher where scoring and hitting have dropped drastically.

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It is a abomination. Get rid of it. You play the game you bat, end of story.

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It makes more sense to extend the DH to the National League. Nothing worse than loading up the bases with 2 outs and having the scrawny pitcher strike out looking.